Volition Announces New IP Agents Of Mayhem With Cinematic Trailer

Leaving the Saints behind.

As the studio known for the Saints Row series Volition has carved out quite a reputation for itself. No one would have been surprised had it gone for the safe bet of Saints Row V, but instead the studio has announced a new IP in the form of Agents Of Mayhem. It is an open world action game that looks to be set in the near future, with personal battle drones and technology for unlimited energy. The latter is the target for the characters in the trailer.

The opposing forces in Agents Of Mayhem belong to the factions of L.E.G.I.O.N and M.A.Y.H.E.M. As you may have guessed players will take on the role of the three members of Mayhem; Fortune, Hollywood, and Hardtack. These three face off against the villain Doctor Babylon. There’s even a nod to Volition’s more popular IP and is set in the same universe, though how the Agents will link with the Saints is unknown.

Agents Of Mayhem is set to release in 2017, with PS4, PC, and Xbox One as the platforms.

Source: IGN

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