What We Played #257: Rocket League, Sherlock Holmes & SteamWorld Heist

Sure, it’s E3 next week, but that doesn’t mean we’ve downed controllers and stopped playing games. Far from it, and despite a rather barmy week of leaks and hurried news writing, we’ve played plenty of games.

Case in point, Kris played Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter for review, but while he enjoyed the cases and the narrative, he found it to be technically very poor. But you get to play as a dog, and he said “that’s pretty great.”

He also played Steppy Pants on iOS, which is a bit like QWOP or Daddy Long Legs, tapping to move each foot, one at a time, with challenging physics making it fun and interesting to play.

Tuffcub’s had friends around, so he broke out a bit of Rocket League, which is his go to party game. When they left and went home, it was back to Just Cause 3 to run around and blow stuff up!

There was a slightly tearful farewell for Geralt, as Aran played through The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion, rounding off CD Projekt Red’s fantastic RPG trilogy.

Meanwhile, Jim’s finally got around to finishing off the merely “good” Assassin’s Creed: SYndicate, and is hacking and slashing his way to God of War: Ascension’s platinum trophy. He’s also been dipping into Uncharted 4’s multiplayer, but has noticed that its loot chests drop fewer cosmetic items than they once did.

Miguel wins this week, as he’s been on holiday in Japan! With all the running around and exploring he’s been doing, there’s not been much time for gaming, though he did pick up a Project Diva-esque rhythm action game called Miracle Girls Festival.

Rounding things off, my own gaming time saw me take Wales to the Euros semi finals in PES 16, before getting dumped out by Spain, losing 3-2 in the last few minutes. It was truly heartbreaking rage inducing. I also got a few more matches in as Mei in Overwatch – I think I’m getting the hang of how to play her now! – and powered up my PS Vita for the first time in a couple of months, in order to play SteamWorld Heist, which is lovely really rather good!

Now it’s over to you. What have you played and achieved this week?

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  1. Started Dead Island Remaster with Forrest and Pixel.
    More GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Lots more Binding of Isaac Afterbirth.
    Some more Dangerous Golf.
    A few runs in Risk of Rain.

  2. I completed Uncharted Drake’s Fortune and have moved on to Among Thieves. That’s about all i’ve been able to engage with during the hot weather.

  3. More Overwatch Porn. Porn everywhere. Lots and lots of toilet roll being used. So many porn. What? I can’t play OW but i can view the porn.

    Watched Castaway last saturday. Excellent film.

    Was pounding it in GTA V. Lots and lots of virtual strippers. Lots of private dances. Lots of porn. Basically.

    Porn everywhere. :P

    Or it’s stll GTA V and i just padded this out with jokes about porn.

  4. Halo 5 and F1 2016 Beta, nothing but. The latter has been played away more than the full 2015 game. Typical.

  5. I got the platinum’s out of PES 2016 and the super hard Nubla. I can’t believe that games are allowed to be released that easy. Also started Hitman Go and Heavy Rain Remastered, which I wished I left it in my memory how good it was because it’s not so good now. I’ve also been playing Rocket League on Xbox one.

  6. Completed Uncharted 4. Not quite the second coming some would have you believe but a good, solid enjoyable game and exactly what I expected from an Uncharted game on the PS4. Although I really didn’t like the boss fight, especially when they introduce a brand new game mechanic right at the very end just for it…

    • It’s not really a second coming, more of a round up to the end of the series and a brilliant effort by ND to be fair. I am most certainly sad to see the end of Nate & co’s escapades with this final goodbye to our favourite treasure hunting heroes.

  7. Uncharted 4 multiplayer again, brilliant fun, and a bit of Battlefront for the peow-peow-zoom etc. Gonna try to squeeze in some Driveclub tonight then spend the rest of the month looking forward to my afternoon home alone on the 26th, when I’ll get to play the Uncharted Story (and not porn myself blind).

  8. Mostly The Division still, hunting down the new high value targets to improve my gear, with some Uncharted 4 in between.

  9. Managed to get about a third of the way through on Dangerous Golf, can’t seem to find an online game though, so it can’t have sold that well. It’s good fun and apparently they are trying to find a way to have a quick restart when they release a patch. Tried NBA2K16 – ages to download, then ages to install – looks great but a bit complicated!

    Also grinding Gems of War for the last couple of trophies

  10. Just Counter Strike for me again this week. Hoping to get some goodies from the Steam sale later this month =]

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