Do Sony Own Crash Bandicoot Again? Maybe

NeoGaffers have spotted that the Skylanders Italian website has been updated with a mysterious, and so far dead, link called “Crash”. I’m sure you aware that Activision are the current owners of Crash Bandicoot, so could the marsupial be making a guest appearance in the toys-to-life franchise?



The rumour is Crash Bandicoot will be an exclusive character in the PS4 version of Skylanders, much the same way Bowser and Donkey Kong appeared in the Nintendo exclusive version of Skylanders: Super Chargers.

That seems fairly likely but further rumours, which at first sound more like fanboy wish fulfilment, suggest that Crash has been bought back by Sony and there will be a brand new game by Naughty Dog. His appearance in Uncharted 4 was a teaser, so the rumour goes.

So that’s where this post was ending, because, pfffft, Sony owning Crash, how many times have we heard that? But then something in my news addled brain reminded me of what Naughty Dog said a year ago.

Uncharted 4 Director, Bruce Straley, was asked: If you were to embed a playable retro title into your game, what would it be and why?

“Well, there’s actually been a conversation about if it were at all possible—which it’s not, let me emphasize—but we wanted to put a Crash Bandicoot game inside. Not gonna happen, though,” said Bruce. “Sony doesn’t own it, so we don’t have control.”

Crash did show up in Uncharted 4, so either Activision were really, really nice, or Sony own Crash again. Of course, if Activision were just being nice and they still legally own the Bandicoot then they would get a “Crash Bandicoot (C) Activision” credit in Uncharted 4, or at least some mention for being really, really damn nice and lending out the character.

They don’t.


Zippo lighters do, Polaroid cameras do, Activision don’t. Either that’s a huge oversight or….

The only fly in the ointment is that according to the US trademark database, Activision still own Crash. However, that may not have been updated, and rather oddly the trademark does not include computer games. It covers prerecorded compact discs, activity books, playing cards, stickers, calendars, student planners, T-shirts and Halloween costumes, and Action figures made of plastic; and accessories.

Sony continue to say that Activision own Crash, but Naught Dog did insist it was not possible to include him in Uncharted 4. Someone is telling porkies, but who?

Source: Skylanders via NeoGAF

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  1. Sony own the rights to reproduce the original crash games all they like, you can buy crash 1-3 + CTR on the store with no mention of Activision anywhere.
    So maybe they were able to include that crash 1 stage in Uncharted 4 because it’s just a reproduction of a crash game Sony already have the rights for?
    Maybe I’m wrong.

    • That is sound logic.

    • Possibly, but Activision wouldnt got an retroactively change the old Crash games to include Activision info. Case point: Nordic Games, check their website and the list all the games they bought from THQ and all of them are still THQ branded.

      The PlayStation Store states “Crash Bandicoot is a registered trademark of Universal Interactive, Inc. ” – which it was when the game was released. It’s not now.

  2. Crash as a PS4 exclusive Skylanders character is a cool little nod. But I fear, now it will be a let-down as the internet wants another Crash game.

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