Bulletstorm Remastered May Be On The Way

An asset pack handed out by Microsoft at E3 contains a folder called “Bulletstorm Remaster” that includes three screenshots from the game and a hero image, all looking rather more polished than they did in 2010 release.



Originally published by EA, the developers People Can Fly took the rights to the game with them when they split from Epic games. They game was warmly recieved although many found the ridiculous amount of swearing (almost every other word is an F-bomb) rather grating. A remastered edition has not been officially announced.

Source: Polygon

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  1. !!!!MOIST!!!!!

  2. A decent fps at the time released at the same time as killzone 3. Enjoyable but the story was dull. If EA start with this, at least remaster burnout 3 further down the line.

  3. Fun but not anywhere near good enough to remaster.

  4. Wow, im all for remasters of the great SP exclusives that people may have missed out on, but this is going to far now. Average multiplatform game at best.

  5. An excellent fun game that knows itself and just goes “You know what? Feck it, i’m not being too serious. Here are the guns. Here’s the enemies. Now, go have fun!” Sure, it hasn’t got the best plot and sure, it has a lot of swearing but it was a welcome breath of fresh air during the era of bland FPSes that always featured Russia and America and trying to be COD. This was not one of them. Maybe, it got released at the wrong time or EA was pissed that it didn’t sell COD levels but i think, People Can Fly are using the chance to remaster it not for profit but to see if there is interest. Same thing happened with DMC4 and we may have DMC 5 on the way.

  6. I liked it, however I stifled a snigger at the term asset pack..

  7. If they can remaster this game why can’t heavenly sword be remastered.

    Or bundle remaster with heavenly sword and odyssey.

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