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Spider-Man Game Marks Start Of New Era Of AAA Marvel Projects

Gamesindustry.biz has spoken to Jay Ong, the person in charge of Marvel Games, about what the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game means for the company. It appears that Marvel will be focusing on AAA experiences for console, and during the interview Jay seems to confirm that Sony and Insomniac will be handling multiple Spider-Man games.

“We’ve had a long history of success with Activision, and we still have a great relationship with them. But the future of the Spider-Man console games is with Sony and Insomniac. We’re delighted about this partnership, and that’s something that’s going to continue forward. With other console partners, stay tuned. There’s many more interesting additional things to come. But Activision is in the past, with regards to Spider-Man.”

Of course Spider-Man isn’t the only Marvel character that can be tapped for this new approach for better games.

“When I joined, I knew that with a treasure trove of some of the greatest super hero stories and characters ever, it should be our mission to devote ourselves to making these great, epic games our fans will love. So along with the senior execs at Marvel and my team within the games business, we devised a brand new strategy to be very selective and only partner with the best game companies on earth.

We wanted to work very selectively with companies that shared our vision, our ambition, and really usher in a brand new era for the Marvel games business.”

There’s really no doubt that Spider-Man on PS4 will sell due to the brand alone, though it will be interesting who Marvel select to handle heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, as well as the rest of the heroes and villains that make up the company’s universe. It does look like though that Marvel will be leaving movie tie in games behind, so we might be able to consider this Spider-Man game as the start of a new Marvel Game Universe, aka the MGU.

Source: Gameindustry

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  1. Please let there be a Deadpool game. Sure, Fox owns Filmpool aka Ryanpool but gamepool used to be owned by Acti and i do suspect Acti have no reason to care about it due to it not selling as much as they wanted and superhero games by them tend to be crap most of the time. Deadpool was not a crap game. It was a Deadpool game. With average gameplay.

    Wonder if the MGU will follow the MCU or be it’s own thing?

    Could that mean we may see an Agents of Shield game? If Marvel want to admit their existence. What? They don’t seem to exist in the MCU judging by the lack of adknowledgement in the avengers films and well, Agents’s is kinda overshadowed constantly by a very simple solution to most of it’s issues.

    Call the Avengers.

    Not kidding. Most enemies seem to be worthy of an Avenger. Hell, one went all Albert Wesker with it’s save the world and rule over it thing. Kinda would have thought that was worthy of Avengers.

    Oh and Hydra still exist. Erm…. Avengers?

    • I would love to see and Agents Of Shield game or even one about the Inhumans alone set in and around Attilan with you controlling the Inhuman royal family (Huge fan of Medusa).

  2. The trailer certainly looked promising and it feels like a safe bet that it’ll turn out pretty good with Insomniac at the helm.

  3. Being a HUGE comic fan this is music to me ears.

    I love the fact they want to try and ‘Rocksteady’ all their new games.

    About time. Spidey looks like it’s gonna be awesome :-)

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