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PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Top 20 Million, Almost Double In 18 Months

The number of paid users subscribed to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has reached 20.8 million, the company have said. The figure, almost double the 10.9 million subscribers in January 2015, was revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House during a presentation earlier today.

PlayStation Plus Up To 20million Subscribers

Sony’s also seen an impressive 51% increase in total net network sales over the previous fiscal year.

The continued growth of PlayStation Plus is bound to be, in part, due to the requirement for the service to access online services on the PS4, which has sold over 40 million units, the fastest market penetration of a console in PlayStation history.

Source: Sony.


  1. It was worth Sony making online gaming part of Plus then. And with the entire Sony corporation in profit for the first time in ages it’s great news for gamers.

  2. That’s an impressive jump and also shows that half of PS4 gamers don’t play online.

    • I don’t, forking out 40 quid a year just seems excessive, especially when the ‘free’ games they hand out are rubbish.

      • There’s been two AAA games in a row now, hopefully this will continue.

      • AAA ≠ good necessarily, but it’s an improvement over the usual Indie pixel art games they’ve thrown out before.

    • They’re probably Leave voters. :P

  3. Just me or does the horrific English just entice you more to click the link?

    Must. Not. Click.

  4. Finally I see there are other users who agree that the free games for ps4 are rubbish … This next gen has been hit or miss IMO n already we are getting 2 newer consoles lol. When are things going to slow down so quality can be improved ?

  5. This next gen of video games has been more stressful than fun….

  6. Despite surging growth in the new channels, the graph sows clearly that ‘package’ games are still no.1.

  7. This calls for a ‘network maintenance’ day celebration.

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