Dirt Rally Gets Oculus Rift Support On July 11th

Codemasters has announced that it will be adding Oculus Rift support to Dirt Rally, with the update scheduled to roll out on July 11th. So now you’ll be able to make those small jumps and tackle those tough chicanes in a new way, unless you’re reading this and are a rally driver. This also opens up the door for a possible release on PSVR, though Codemasters hasn’t confirmed that Dirt Rally will support that.

Well, not yet at least anyway.

Source: Youtube

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  1. I hope Codies go with PSVR support, I use the in car view so it would make it more real.

  2. Yeah, This. I’ve been waiting for VR support for a while. I better bring my spew bucket, but man, I’m gonna enjoy it!

  3. That’s exciting news now i just need to add roll-bars and a safety harness to my armchair!

    • Get some scaffolding and waist belts! :P

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