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Kerbal Space Program Set To Launch On July 12th For PS4

Squad and Flying Tiger Entertainment have confirmed that Kerbal Space Program will be launching on July 12th for PS4. Now PS4 players will be able to help the Kerbals realise their dreams of travelling through space, with one failed launch at a time until it all clicks. A gameplay trailer to show off the chaos of trying to build a vehicle that can leave the planet’s atmosphere has been released alongside the announcement.

The Xbox One and Wii U versions are also expected to be released soon.

Source: US PS Blog

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  1. sweet.

    didn’t even know it was coming for PS4, or maybe i did at one point and then forgot.
    but now it’s less than a week away.

    well, for americans at least.
    the total lack of any mention of it on the EU blog leads me to think we’re going to get shafted by scee once again.


      i fucking told you.

      fucking scee, fucking useless.

      “KSP will not be available this week in Europe,” he said. “We still don’t have a date we can confirm but we are doing everything in our hands to have it ready as soon as possible.”

      The good news, however, is that we have an Xbox One release date for both America and Europe and it’s this Friday, 15th July.”

      xbox, out same day, friday.
      playstation? they’ve fucking done it once again, fucking scee fucking delayed it.

      i keep telling everybody how fucking useless scee are, but nobody believes me.

      well, you believe me now?

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