Dangerous Golf’s Major Patch Adds Faster Restarts, New Controls & More

Coming from some of the minds behind the excellent Burnout series, there were a lot of hopes pinned on Dangerous Golf managing to capture some of the more outlandish aspects of those games’ destructive nature.

Sadly, it didn’t quite live up to the madcap golf-based destruction at launch, but last night saw the release of a major new patch that looks to fix most of the criticisms, as well as adding a few new features. Perfectly timed for the game’s appearance in the latest PS Store sale, wouldn’t you say?


In particular, there’s faster restarts, a new control system and a new SmashWave ability, alongside a new introductory video to ease you into the game.

The changelist is as follows:

  • Fast Restarts – number 1 requested feature. We’ve reduced them from 30secs to 2-3 secs and it transforms the game in Single Player, in Co-Op and in Party Golf.
  • New Control system – we have introduced a significantly easier single stick, single buttons control system and added in game prompts for all actions. Note that if you have a previous save game the controls will default to the original, more advanced controls. You can change this in Settings.
  • More control over Tee off  – introduced ‘Free Aim’ on the Tee and in Putt. Aim where you want on every hole, 360 degrees of movement.
  • Follow Cameras – on the Tee and the Putt and we’ve also improved Camera Collision with the Ball. (The Follow Cameras can be turned off and on in the Settings Menu). You can also now use Danger Time in the Tee off.
  • Better Introduction to the Game Features – we’ve brought back an old friend, Ted Stryker, the LA DJ who recorded all our Burnout 3 v/o, to narrate our new Tutorial Video. We’ve also introduced a new Loading screen Tip system to give the player per hole contextual help.
  • More Destructive Power – new SmashWave feature enables Players to cause even more destruction whilst clearing their path to the Flag.
  • More humour – the ESRB upped our rating to Comic Mischief based on ‘flatulence sounds being heard in the bathroom level’. We thought that was hilarious so listen out for more comic sounds – statues, bears, deer, milk, eggs, skeletons.
  • Frame Rate – we have optimised every Hole and the game runs at a smooth 30fps.
  • Updated Holes – we have listened to player feedback and fixed the Holes that people disliked and evened out the difficulty curve.
  • Steam specific Features: Support for Steam Controller and Enabled Cloud Save for Steam.
  • Bug fixes – including Environment Collision, Translations, Leaderboards, Trophies and PS4 Crashes

Source: Three Fields Entertainment

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  1. The scariest things I have read on the internet today (direct from the Three Fields website)…
    “People ask us all the time whether we will make a spiritual successor to Burnout. That’s something we would love to do but we have given up a lot and invested every penny we have into Dangerous Golf and unless that succeeds we won’t have the money to make another game.”


    • i feel i need to now.

      Havent enjoyed a racing game anywhere near as much as burnout paradise, still the only racing game i have completed twice over

    • Thinking about it, their personal and business logic seems very odd –
      Let’s create our own company with ex-devs who created the massive Burnout series. Yes, good idea.
      Let’s build the company with our own money. OK, nothing ventured, etc.
      Let’s develop a game that no one is crying out for. Ermmmmmm, OK…
      Let’s sink all our money in this game and then if it sells well and we make money we can start building a game that millions of people are crying out for. Hmmm, sounds rather risky. I’m going to invest in “Maxwell Pensions” instead.

      • Thats a really going point actually, i didn’t even think along those lines.
        I just find it crazy that arguably one of the most popular racing games franchises over PS2\3 has just been dropped..

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