Furi Patch Fixes Screen Tearing, Loud Fan And R2 Glitch Next Week

Less fury, more Furi.

Furi is a beautiful game, and it was released earlier this month via PlayStation Plus for the glorious price of nothing. While the game has been challenging new players and offering beautiful visuals, users have been experiencing problems with the game resulting in screen tearing and the PlayStation’s fan running exceptionally loud. There is also another bug which renders your R2 trigger useless while playing the game.

However, your Furi experiences may be changing for the better as the developers, The Game Bakers, have cooked up an update for us to resolve these issues:

This patch will deploy sometime next week, but if you’re interested in playing Furi regardless of the current issues, then you can download it for free for the remainder of this month if you have a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Source: Twitter

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