Get An Early Look At Behold The Kickmen, A Football Game Done Right

Dan Marshall, the developer The Swindle, a game I really rather like, is making a football game. He doesn’t know anything about football, it’s called Behold the Kickmen, and it looks great.

Here’s Dan playing the game and sounding a bit dismayed that this is what his life has come to.

As you can see, he’s got the explosions from powerful kicks just right, the scoring system for goals done from in and outside the area, the way that umpires run over and give you a little kiss on the cheek when you score… You know, I think he’s pretty much nailed it.

Incidentally, if you’d like to help out with the game’s totally authentic crowdsourced crowd and player sounds, you can do that. Or just follow Dan on Twitter for more insights into how to make a down to earth football sim for the masses.

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  1. Ha. I like this.

    • I thought it was your job to hate everything? :P

  2. More of a calling than a job I’d say.

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