[Update] New Beastmen Total War: Warhammer Faction Announced

Come July 28th, the Call of the Beastmen will be heard across The Old World as Total: Warhammer introduces a new playable faction. Leaked via Reddit, and now officially announced by Sega the trailer below clearly depicts the obscure Warhammer faction in all their bestial glory, laying waste to a doom detachment of Empire soldiers.


Call of the Beastmen is the first campaign pack for Total War: Warhammer, with the Beastmen a new playable race and a new story campaign called ‘An Eye for an Eye’, to play through. The Beastmen will also be available in Grand Campaign, custom and multiplayer battles. As a faction, they’ll feature a horde-style campaign game, with the ability to pass through overgrown Beastpaths, to try and outmanoeuvre the enemy, and since they’re twisted servants of Chaos, they’ll spread Chaos Corruption wherever they go as well.

At the same time, a free content update will ad a new Lore of Magic with the Amber Wizards coming as a new hero unit for the Empire. They wield the Lore of Beasts, with the ability to enchant allies with impenetrable animal pelts, summon a manticore from the ground and more.

Call of the Beastmen is now up for pre-order on Steam, but for more on Total War: Warhammer, check out our review.

Updated with new information from official announcement.

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