Batman – A Telltale Series First Episode Lands In August

After the action heavy games of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series, Telltale’s take on the billionaire vigilante looks like it will be a quite dramatic change of pace. Telltale have just announced that the first episode of the five part series will come to consoles, PC/Mac, iOS and Android this August, though an exact date has yet to be confirmed.

That specific date will be revealed at next week’s San Diego Comic Con alongside the world premiere trailer and a special ‘crowd play’ event, which will be joined by Troy Baker, the voice of Bruce Wayne in the game.


As with their recent games, Telltale aren’t waiting to get the series onto store shelves and have entered into a worldwide distribution deal with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. A retail Season Pass Disc is being shipped to retailers for release on 13th September in North America and 16th September in Europe. The disc will include the first episode, with a download code that lets you download subsequent episodes as and when they are released.

Source: Telltale, press release

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  1. This is the first part of my comment, the rest will be delivered episodically.

    • Can I get a season pass?

      • You certainly can but the rest will still be delivered episodically ;)

  2. The thing with these Telltale episodic games is that there’s sometimes quite a delay between episodes and they always, always, without fail are on sale not long after the full series has been released. If I remember correctly, I think Game of Thrones was even on sale before they’d released them all.

    • I think you may be right about GoT, I bought it and I think one episode was still to be released.

      They are in every major sale on the PS store, for around £8 with Plus discount.

      Also what a waste of a blu ray disc to put one episode (2GBish) on it and have to download the rest.

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