Farming Simulator 17 Features Female Farmers For The First Time

Farming Simulator 17, the latest in what I find to be a truly bafflingly popular series, goes beyond just adding new vehicles, branded machines, animals and crops. Now you can pick to be a male or female farmer when creating your avatar in the game, with customisable clothes and everything. That runs right through the game, with both men and women coming to give you a hand ploughing that furrow and doing all the other farming tasks through the day.

When it’s someone like Ubisoft or EA and some of their biggest franchises, there’s often a bit of an argument about whether or not it’s historically accurate, or some other lame excuse, but there’s no such argument here. I’m not entirely sure of their maths, but the Daily Mail wrote back in 2014 that British female farmers had “doubled” in number over the course of five years, going from 13,000 to 23,000.


Farming Simulator 17 was first revealed back at E3 with the following cinematic trailer and the announcement of mod support coming to the console version of the game for the first time.

Source: press release

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  1. We, as a community, should be at the stage where having a female character in a video game doesn’t even register as news. I guess it’s an indication of maturity.

  2. Oh for feck sake. Really? This has to be announced? Really? I…. what?


    It’s kinda erm…. should be the standard. Although, this is Farming Simulator so any news other then how many sheep are included in shiny HD is well, going to be more interesting then counting how many sheep you have and how slow you can drive your tractor. Just…no. I mean, i feel it’s stupid that “X features playable gender” is common nowadays. It just should either be in the game if it suits it. E.g. Open world RPGs tend to allow both genders as a playable choice whilst heavy oriented action game may not allow it due to the character’s story having been planned and it just happens to be X gender.

    But this? This is newsworthy in 2016? Gaming is odd sometimes. I mean, the big reaction i feel should be “So what? It’s normal”. Just Farming Simulator and this? Farming Simulator.

    Yet, no train simulators get ported over. I mean, come on! Port over a Train Simulator! I mean, if Farming Simulator can find success, surely Train Simulator can.

    Also, include “Geoff mah lawn.” as a feature.

    • You said what I said, but with more words. :-)

      • I see. Naturally, by the unwritten laws of TSA, we must fight to the death over who said it first. We duel at dawn. Pick your weapon of choice and we shall see who is the better at saying what we said.

    • You could equally apply the same maturity level sentiment to the story about GTA V including a ‘Pride’ mod. It’s great news that the community is moving forward, but also quite depressing that it’s an important story rather than just the norm. It should be the norm, not a break-through story. It shows the low level of maturity of the gaming community.

      • True but it seems modern culture likes to throw about “IT MUST HAVE X GENDER IN IT FOR THE SAKE OF IT!” instead of well, films and games and shows having characters be characters and not just X gender first for the sake of it and building around that. Naturally, I am rather old fashioned and don’t keep up with the modern trends so i am naturally wrong and should go back to complaining about the young’uns having these new things called EyePhones. It’s partly why i hate Ghostbusters(the new one) because it did that.

        But yeah, female X shouldn’t be a thing in terms of news. I mean, it should never be toated as a feature due to it either being the standard or the story doesn’t require it.

      • so women were the problem you have with the Ghostbusters reboot then?

        a director who mainly works with women making a movie with women?
        it’s a feminist conspiracy i tells ya. O_O

        is tim burton always putting his wife and johnny depp in his movies as contentious an issue for you as well?

        can you understand what it’s like when whole swathes of the so called community tell you, you aren’t a real gamer because your sexual organs are on the outside?

        i doubt you have, because that only happens to those with them on the inside.

        and do you know what it’s like to be part of the unimportant 50% of humanity as far as gamers, some developers, and publishers are considered?

        how would you feel if you discovered a developer wanted to make a game starring a man, and publishers told them they wouldn’t publish it if they did?

        when did diversity become a dirty word?
        is it a bad thing when female characters start to go towards equal representation?

        and as for this news, it’s a new feature, one female players have wanted for years.
        but no, it’s political, or some agenda.

        you’re right though, it should be the standard, but it’s not.
        while publishers are still telling developers they shouldn’t be making games with female leads, it’s never going to be the standard.

        this would never have been a news story if you could create female player characters from the start.
        i mean, why have any kind of character customisation if it’s not to allow players to put something of themselves into the game?
        why then restrict it to men?

        and some developers, they come out with piss poor excuses for no women, like “too much work”
        a big triple a title, and half of humanity is too troublesome for them.

        or they just come out with the truth and tell us it’s because boys don’t want female characters.

        you know, when fifa was announced to have female players for the first time, just before the women’s world cup mind, i heard the exact same complaints you’re making here.

      • I did not say that. I said that I hate the reason for GB reboot existing because they went “Let’s do it because of gender.” That is a really shallow reason for making a film. They knew how much the fans wanted a third film. I always welcome diversity and had never ever went “Oh my, it has teh weomenzs i mustz hatez it noaw!”. They are marketing GBR as an all female cast as it’s main feature. I hate shallow reasons for things existing. If they had marketted it as a remake. Just a remake, i wouldn’t have any issue. But no, they are cosntantly going “It’s all female cast, it’s all female cast, if you hate it, you are sexist.” That is the issue i have. They are using gender as it’s biggest selling point in 2016 where there has been a lot of all female cast films in the past few decades. I couldn’t care less what a director works with in terms of gender. Just quality of their product.

        I find sexism to be disgusting and the “Oh, women are ruining games and film” crowd can kindly go and sod off. It’s crap like that, that poisons communities and give them bad names.

  3. Why haven’t we got a transgender farmer yet. It’s discrimination I tells ya!

  4. But is there black farmers, or gay farmers?

  5. Interesting. This is something my wife has emailed the development team about in the past. She’ll be very happy with this news.

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