What We Played #262: Pokémon Go, The Order: 1886 & Kitten Squad

So, let’s be honest, there was a lot of Pokémon Go played by the TSA gang this week, most of whom were quick to download and start dabbling with the mobile gaming phenomenon as soon as it became available in the UK. Everyone, that is, except Tuffcub, who hates Pokémon.

Instead he played Destiny, Deadpool and a game called Kitten Squad.

It’s a free to play game on the PS Store and it’s essentially a Binding of Isaac clone. There are plenty of weapons to pick up and the graphics are super cute with loads of friendly animals and lovely hats for the kittens to dress up in, as it has co-op. It’s all rather lovely, and perfect for smaller children who can handle a simple twin stick shooter. It’s clearly, clearly aimed at small children, which is why I find it so horrific.

You see, the game is by PETA, so without any warning, your next mission may start with a cut scene which goes in to very graphic detail about sheep being stabbed, or puppy’s tails being cut off. Obviously this sort of thing is horrible and shocking but hiding these graphic and gruesome descriptions in a game clearly aimed at seven year olds is beyond belief. ESRB have given the game a teen rating, but it looks like something from CBeebies.

Horrible, horrible, trickery from PETA!

But everyone else played Pokémon Go. In addition to trying to go back and polish off the Riddler Challenges in Batman: Arkham Knight, Kris dabbled with it, finding it very weird and lacking purpose..

Aran also played it while completing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which he dubbed “fantastic” and playing Kerbal Space Program, which you can expect a review of some time soon. He’s currently a level 6 trainer – at the time of writing – but his decent strength Pokémon are nowhere near able to take on any gyms.

Dave, when not Go-ing, played The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and an iOS game called Steppy Pants. He says it “has a similar vibe to the likes of Crossy Road in its monetisation strategy, but it’s literally a game about walking on a pavement without stepping in the cracks.”

Jake was surprised how much he liked Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, even though he clearly thinks Uncharted 4 is the better game, and played this alongside Halo 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. His Xbox journeys also took him to an all too familiar place, as he started his 7th character in Destiny. He at least knows he has a problem.

The amount of Driving that Dom has to do is perfect for catching critters in Pokémon Go, so he’s making plenty of headway in his Pokédex. Aside from that, though, he’s been playing The Order: 1886 and loving its graphics and story, without dwelling too much on its flaws.

He also played and reviewed the very ordinary and unexciting Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, as well as Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo 3DS, which has him considering getting a hand grip of sorts to ease the cramp from long playing sessions.

Last, but not least, my Pokémon Go adventures have been relatively brief, but I’ve enjoyed it for what it is. Aside from that, there’s been plenty of Battlefield 1, some of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s new DLC, a curious little strategy game called Crush Your Enemies, and I made a of headway playing an actual Pokémon game, with Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS.

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  1. Dead Island with Forrest and Pixel and some GTA online with heedbaw to check out the new cunning stunts stuff and then more GTA online earlier tonight with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Still mainly playing Binding of Isaac, though after probably 8 weeks solid I think I need to start playing less of it and get into my backlog.
    I have done a bit more of the story in GTA V and earlier I played a little bit of Terraria to get the new NPC and armour/weapon sets that were added a few weeks ago.

  2. Still feeling slightly numb after having finished Uncharted 4 last weekend. Had to watch Alien 4 Resurrection to get some general sense of direction back in my life.

    Uncharted 4 is definitely a great game, Drake has finally grown up, even game developers seem to become more mature as they get older. I loved the ending a lot, got quite worried during the game, but that was tops. There were some bits, which were rubbish, where you just died loads, running in unpredictable terrain from a tank chasing you, but that was the exception, all the rest was brilliant.

    Will play Eurobillions now to buy such a house on the beach.

  3. Downloaded Resi5 on Ps4 this week and started playing through the coop with the Mrs. Still my favourite coop game. Looking forward to getting the Platinum.

  4. Dead island with Forrest and R1MJAW also GTAV with R1MJAW and Forrest along with heedbaw,a little Destiny Overwatch and Blops 3.

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