Kojima Productions Logo Movie Is A Strange Beast

Kojima Productions is hard at work on Death Stranding but the studio has also been busy working on its logo. Over the weekend Hideo Kojima revealed the logo movie for Kojima Productions, which will play at the beginning of all future games from the studio. The now familiar Ludens is present and he is shown walking on a lunar surface of some sort and then planting a flag. Oh, and a giant whale jumps behind him for some reason.


Never change, Kojima.

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  1. Oh Kojima, you so crazy! I like the particle whale, nice homage. I hope there’s some whacky scifi element to Death Stranding, the more bonkers the better.

  2. Followed by an ending that enrages most fans.

    No, i’m not letting that go. MGSV had an awful ending and Kojima was responsible for that ending.

    Also, since when did a logo require something like this?

    God, i’m getting old.

    • I get the impression everytime Sony ask how he’s progressing with death standing he sends them something like this – “errr, well, it’s… Hey, here’s a logo/mascot picture/video! Look how intriguing and vague it is!”

      • It’s partly why Konami sacked him. Granted, Konami were dicks about it but he is said to have kept rewriting stuff, redoing cutscenes and well, he sacked Hayter for no reason other then wanting a hollywood actor. :-/

        I can see his first game taking 5-9 years to develop and well, Sony could get fed up. I mean, they kinda lost their temper with GT5 taking forever because the develop kept on adding stuff and perfecting it. Kojima is kinda worse in that regard.

      • I have to concur with TLS, all this #FKonami is fun and games, but Kojima might as well have been pissing money at the wall for all the good it was doing, with a disappointing stump of a third act. I was promised an “explosive conclusion” on the back of the box!

        I’ll say in Kojima’s credit that the basic game mechanics are all but perfect, and that Konami brought it on themselves, having pushed Kojima into working on the same series again and again no matter what. It was all downhill from Snake Eater.

      • Yep, he’s a perfectionist who doesn’t really suit working to deadlines. Will be interesting how long it is until we see actual gameplay footage. Sacking Hayter was a crappy move for sure.

        @Nicolas it seemed that every MGS game was proclaimed as the last one, only for another to be made. Imo it’s why the story got so convoluted. Kojima probably wanted to work on something else but Konami wanted to play it safe.

      • Yep. Kojima has good ideas but MGS V? It kinda feels like he was trying to do another game and just sticking MGS on it. Open world does not suit MGS and it is the weakest entry in the franchise. People may say MGS2 was the weakest but at least, that was decent. V? V was a major let down, failed to address the “missing link” between PW and MG and just feels half arsed. I don’t know if Kojima was trying or he just got burnt out(which, to be fair, 20 years of working on MGS could have caused that). Plus, I do think, if he hadn’t been sacked, he would have retired from MGS as V was meant to be his handover to the new team he created.

        Instead, he ****** it up! HE PLAYED US LIKE A FIDDLE! And the tune was awful. Seriously, feck that ending! feck the second act and well, it’s kinda a bad Metal Gear Game.

        Kojima has a lot of good ideas but he kinda needs to be restraint and for someone to go “No. Just no.”

        Do wonder how much the film of the logo cost and if Sony is happy about it.

        Will be interesting to see how patient Sony will be with Kojima. I mean, I know the wait will be worth it as one let down in over 20 years isn’t bad but Sony may want a game from him on PS4.

  3. Why waste so much time doing this when it should simply be hatched. http://i.imgur.com/AIVI1ZF.jpg

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