Video: Hands On F1 2016’s New And Improved Career

We finally went hands on with F1 2016 at an event last week, with a lot of returning features, new features and improvements made to the game compared to the last few years of F1. In this video, we delve into the 10 season career – and yes, it’s a new mode and an improvement over preview career modes – the more relevant practice sessions, and how it all comes together on track.

For our written preview, head here, and for viewers on iOS, find the video in the YouTube app here to see it in 1080p.

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  1. Hmm… same video as the first post.

    • Yup, that’s intentional, so that the video gets more eyeballs.

  2. Oh dear. So the graphics aren’t up to 8th generation standards, and there are frame rate problems.

    In their PS3 games, big drops in frame rate were difficult to forgive. I think in PS4 games it’s virtually impossible.

    • At this time, before release on debug consoles, before the final optimisations have gone in and before a day one patch, yes, the frame rate’s not locked at 60. It still plays and handles well, though.

  3. Why am I so excited by the many temperatures on the formation lap, and the way you let the ferrari rev beyond 12k?

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