Trophies Appear For Ape Escape 2 On PS4

When the PS2 classics line for PS4 was being rumoured about one of the games that leaked was Ape Escape 2, but since then no news regarding the game has since appeared. Now though Exophase has released a list of trophies for Ape Escape 2, which suggests that it will be on PS4 in the near future. There are 14 trophies in total though no Platinum.

Here’s the list.

    • Got One! – Capture your first monkey. (Bronze)
    • Perfect Score – Earn a score of 50 in the dancing mini-game. (Bronze)
    • Hat-trick – Score three goals in one match of the soccer mini-game. (Bronze)
    • Top Ape – Earn your first Gold Medal Time during a Time Trial. (Bronze)
    • Only Way Is Up – Unlock the climbing mini-game. (Bronze)
    • Jungle Tunes – Listen to the Theme Tune soundtrack. (Bronze)
    • Look Both Ways – Defeat Monkey Blue. (Bronze)
    • Encore! – Defeat Monkey Pink. (Bronze)
    • Robo Jimmy – Defeat Monkey White. (Bronze)
    • Tapped Out – Defeat Monkey Red. (Bronze)
    • Sumo Sized -Defeat the Giant Monkey Yellow. (Bronze)
    • Back For More – Complete the game playing as Spike. (Silver)
    •  End To The Madness -Complete the Showdown with Specter. (Silver)
    • One Last Time – Complete the Final Showdown with Specter. (Gold)

Source: Exophase

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  1. I am bored that so many full games on the ps2 rereleases have only 315pts and not a full on platinum. I still have my ps2 etc and so i wont buy these unless they are waaaay reduced because theres little incentive.

    • Me too. Many will not be able to understand our attitudes on this, but I am far more likely to swing from a may-buy to a must-buy if games like this come with a platinum trophy. I’ve just bought three PS Vita games in the Summer Sale, and I got them for three reasons: I was kinda interested, they were cheap and they all have a plat. Without the plat, I wouldn’t have bothered.

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