Rumour Has It That PlayStation Now Is Coming To PC

French gaming site Gamekult have been speaking to those mysterious and shadowy ‘sources’ again and have heard that PlayStation Now will be coming to PCs this month. Whilst many PS3 games are available on PC, this would be the first time exclusives such as Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, and The Last of Us, would be available to PC gamers.

This is what Gamekult had to say, via the magic of Google translate:


According to our information, the announcement is scheduled for 23 August with a launch in stride Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK in the first place, while the United States and Canada should be able to enjoy a week later. availability dates for France or Japan are not known, but it is already acquired it takes at least a PC running Windows 7, an internet connection at 5 Mb / s or more and a compatible controller (preferably a DualShock 4) to enjoy 300 games catalog from their computer.

PlayStation Now has been available on Sony devices for a while, including TVs and smartphones.

Source: Gamekult

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  1. Quite handy, if it works properly. DS3 is a bit meh on PC though, and the price of DS4 for admission isn’t great, and those with a PS4 will just use the, erm, PS4.

  2. Playstation Now is still far too expensive. And why no Plus discount too?

  3. This would be good, maybe it’ll mean Bluetooth drivers for our DS4s too.

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