Sean Murray Can’t Talk About No Man’s Sky On Xbox One

Sean Murray has all but confirmed No Man’s Sky will be popping up on Xbox One at some point by carefully explaining that he can’t talk about it. The Daily Star (of all places) managed to make the man on the moment a little uncomfortable.

So when we spoke to Hello Games Sean Murray, the man responsible for creating No Man’s Sky, we asked him and received a rather coy response for what we assumed was a very straightforward question.

In response Murray told us he wasn’t sure what he was “actually allowed to say” at the time, noting that he needed to be “very specific with my words”.

Before going any further though, Sony’s rep stepped in to move the interview along, explaining that at this time there was nothing more to add.

In the past Chris Charla, the director of [email protected], has recently said the he “would love to see” No Man’s Sky on the Xbox One. PC owners have also been nosing around the code for No Man’s Sky and have found references to an “Xbone” version of the game.

Source: Daily Star / WCCFtech / Gamerrant

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  1. This is cool news as not only will more people be able to play NMS it also means that Hello Games are more likely to keep adding features.
    Sony still wins as we’ve seen from the launch sales, PlayStation gamers should be happy as they got to play it first and Hello Games will get more sales.
    I’m ok with first party exclusives but third party ones are making less and less sense as time goes on.

  2. Inevitable and by no means a bad thing. More sales = more support, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Not convinced by this argument that another platform means more sales and so more support and features added.

    They’re a small team of developers. 14 of them isn’t it? Who all probably want to hibernate for 6 months about now.

    Add another platform, that’s more work for them. So less time to add features. So potentially worse for the PS4 players.

    Or they hand over all the XBone work to someone else. But that still leaves some work for Hello Games. How big will his beard get if he can’t rest because there’s the PS4 version to update, and dealing with the XBone developer?

    • If it was more hassle than it was worth wouldn’t we be seeing more indie games being exclusive?
      Rocket League was a massive success and it keeps adding content while supporting the game on multiple platforms and it’s made by a small studio so I’m sure it’s worth it.
      It’s more work for sure but I don’t think it’ll make things worse for PS4 players. I think we might have to wait a little longer for some updates but overall we’d get more updates in total.

    • One suspects the XB1 version has been developed alongside the PC and PS4 versions, so they just have to spurt out the XB1 version when the time comes.

    • I could see Microsoft offering to port it over and i’m sure Bluepoint games wouldn’t mind doing it. They tend to do excellent ports and remakes. :)

      If they did develop it alongside, probably an exclusivity clause on consoles.

    • More sales = more profits, which means they’ll be able to hire more staff. And with only 14 and all the delays they certainly need them.

      • They’d been so very ambitious and had clearly bitten off more than they could chew when the media initially grabbed hold of the game after we first heard about it. However, they’ve still done an incredible job but I hope devs everywhere learn from situations like.

        I can’t help feel that we’ll see how NMS was meant to truly be in a few months time when everything major has been patched in. Sadly, I cannot agree with such processes. Not fair in many ways.

  4. Tomb Raider levels of subterfuge, haha.

  5. Cool, but when is it coming to Soectrum?

  6. Nice, I’ll likely give it a go, especially with months more of content and fine tuning added to it.

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