Supergirl Will Be Available In PS4 LEGO Dimension Starter Packs From September

Telltale Games has revealed that Supergirl will be an exclusive character for PS4 versions, and will be available from September in starter packs. This version of Supergirl will have all the powers you would expect like flight, super strength, but will also have an alternate Red Lantern costume with the ability to create constructs. Supergirl will be available as a character in the Hire a Hero feature next year.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. course if you’ve already got a starter pack and want Supergirl, well, tough i guess.

    or if you’re an Xbox or Wii U owner.

    mind you, i expect they’ll start selling her separately later on, and for the other consoles as well.

    i would hope so anyway.
    i really don’t like console exclusivity from third party studios, even when it’s my console of choice that benefits.

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