Battle Stations Mode Detailed For Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC

In September Star Wars Battlefront players will have the option of gaining access to the Death Star expansion, with characters Chewbacca and Bossk already confirmed. Now details have been released on the new mode that will be exclusive to the expansion, and it has been given the name Battle Stations. This mode consists of three phases that will alternate between flying in Space, and fighting in the Death Star.

The first phase of Battle Stations will be a battle between X Wings and A Wings against TIE Fighters, where the Rebels have to destroy enough of the Empire’s forces so Y Wings can come in and bring down a Star Destroyer. Phase 2 will transport players to inside the Death Star with the main objective for rebels to extract a droid. The Empire would rather not allow that to happen. The final phase is all about blowing up the Death Star, which means your back flying in space.

Source: EA 

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