You Can Now Download The Titanfall 2 Tech Test On PS4 & XBO

Clarification: The Titanfall 2 technical test is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with mention of the latter platform lost somewhere in Tuffcub’s snarky sense of humour. You can find the tech test here on the Xbox Store, with the original post below.

For the first time team PlayStation can get the paws on the Titanfall series, the game that was only possible on Xbox One because of the Microsoft’s Cloud technology.


Cloud tech sped the game up, added graphical oomph, and generally made the first game totally awesome. Yes it did, Respawn spent a lot of time explaining that because the Cloud was going to be in the next big thing and only Xbox had it.  They also posted a big thing about how awesome and essential cloud tech is on their website you can read it here.

Oh. Wait a minute. The page seems to have been deleted sometime after March this year. How peculiar!

Anyways, here is the link to download the tech test, which runs this weekend on August 19th until August 21, while the second will be a week later from August 26th until August 8th.

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  1. 12.5GB to download. Which apparently won’t fit on my PS4 because I’ve only got 98GB free.

    If only Sony had put all the features the PS3 had in the PS4 at launch, they’d be able to do useful things like fix that issue rather than spend time adding folders and stuff. Grrr.

  2. I do enjoy reading a bit of completely unnecessary fanboy writing.

    On topic, I do look forward to playing TF2 for the first time. The first game was awesome, and the second looks to be building on that very well.

    • Its not Fanboyism, it’s mocking the utter rubbish they made up about the game only being on Xbox cos of The Cloud.

      • *cough* PC.

      • It’s total fanboyism. Your continuing struggle to understand “the cloud” is both amusing and sad at the same time.

      • Good. It’s meant to be amusing :)

      • It was also on 360 & PC, and the test is on Xboxone too. Great, well researched article!

      • Naughty TC. Your fanboyism (which I didn’t think was an actual word, but nevermind) has upset the fanboys. The universe may well now explode because irony.

      • “It was also on 360 & PC, and the test is on Xboxone too. Great, well researched article!”

        See, here’s the thing about a joke. You have to make it snappy, it has to flow well, and for that to work you occasionally have to make sacrifices.

        For example, the classic “Why did the Chicken cross the road?” line. We omit to say which particular breed of chicken, or indeed which road, both of which could be important factors. Details of the crossing – did it run? Was it carried? Did it use a cable car? – are also missing.



        Also, once you have written 4,419 news items over six years, including at least 436 posts above fucking Assassin’s Creed, then you relish the chance to write something other than “Here’s a new trailer for Battlefield 1, it’s got horses in it”

        Something has to bring a little joy in to the job, and taking the piss when companies clearly talk utter rubbish is one of them. If you think that’s being a fanboy then that’s you interpretation, most people would just think I’m being a bitch.

        Talking of which, what ARE you wearing Starman? Was it buy one get one free down at your local charity shop? I’ve seem better dressed corpses.

        And now Tef is going to tell me off.

      • Also, feel free to complain that the subheading “A load of hot air” – doesn’t actually describe a cloud, which is course, water vapour. It is kinda of the same ball park tho, wind, clouds, hot air – by association it works.

        But not actually.

        So feel free to write to your MP about that.

      • You’re a games journalist though, not a comedian. If you’re going to attempt some humour in an article at least remember the actual purpose of the article before you start. As Avenger says, you missed out many facts in this piss poor attempt at an article. You’re inability to take criticism is terrible.

        And here’s a clue re: The cloud thing, they’ve already removed some features to make it possible on PS4.

      • “You’re a games journalist though, not a comedian.”

        Nope. Try and find the word “journalist” on my CV. We are writers, not journalists, which means we can wander off topic and take the piss. Which I do a lot.

        Oh and by the way, just for you.

      • Well I guess if you’re expecting accurate articles, TSA is not the place then.

      • Frankly I’m only here for the biscuits.

      • On the naughty step Since: Dec 2008

        tut tut tut

      • So, you’re both right. TC should’ve mentioned that the technical test is also on Xbox One and found a link to that store as well. The more interesting part of the story is that it’s on PlayStation 4 for the first time, and Respawn and EA are highlighting that point quite a bit themselves.

        Using the cloud for gaming though? That was always a lot of marketing fluff. Companies can come along and use Microsoft Azure for whatever they want, it can even be used to provide dedicated servers for PlayStation 4 games if that’s what you want it to do. Titanfall used it for dedicated servers that host the game and the AI that populate the various game modes, and did so across three Microsoft platforms.

        Anyway, apologies for the original article not mentioning the Xbox One, and that point has now been clarified.

    • It really isn’t being a fanboy, he really is just highlighting the truth. That’s what they said, clearly it was a load of bollocks, so much to the point they’ve removed their own marketing article that was full of lies.

      • Agreed – Well said. Don’t let them cloud your judgement!

      • Blimey, okay, over reaction on all sides here. Fanboyism, mocking, bitching, I don’t care what it’s called tbh.

        I’m entertained by it either way. First I looked at the title and thought wait a minute, the test is on XB1 and PC too. Read first paragraph, thought fair enough it is the first time for PlayStation players to try TF. Then it was truly funny seeing another rant about the cloud for two paragraphs, completely out of place. You know it’s personal when things like that happen, and it’s as comical as the old Blighty comments we used to have.

        I really don’t care about the silliness surrounding the cloud. I’m more interested in playing TF2 in 15 minutes.

      • Ah Blighty… whatever happened to him? I kinda miss him lol

    • In all seriousness though can we have Polls back please, pretty please ?
      We can start it off with the most bitchiest offensive comments ever made on TSA!
      For instance; Top 3 offensive Tuffcub quotes…now I know what your thinking…”what ARE you wearing Starman? Was it buy one get one free down at your local charity shop? I’ve seem better dressed corpses. ” is a fresh one and a great contender !

      Buuut ! my favourite from many moons ago in response to DJ-Katy has to be “You are a cyncical old cow bag”

      Now surely there are some more special comments hidden in the archives worthy of a poll?

  3. Come on guys… It is amusing! I laughed anyway – Cheers TC

    • It’s almost as funny as the original claim about the power of the clouds.

      What would be even funnier would be if they suddenly announced the PS4 version was to come with a copy of the first game. The one that was impossible due to not having Cloud Power, but which it’s fairly certain actually exists in at least some form. Why it never got released is something I wouldn’t want to speculate on. I’m sure it didn’t involve a big bag of money.

      • Well I did hear once, that TF slowed down to a halt on the Xbox One if it was a bright clear sunny day. Maybe Sony didn’t want to release the game on the PS4 if it was weather permitting.
        This brings a whole new twist to Kate Bush’s Cloud Busting – Maybe the men in black who took her dad away were Microsoft representatives knowing that they’d need these clouds in the future or else 30 years later, TF would never run.

  4. Oh wow, they actually deleted the page. I guess the power of the clouds is still up in the air until Crackdown reappears.
    TF2 looks great and i’ll be checking it out for the SP.

  5. Unbelievable all the inaccuracies in this article haven’t been fixed. And the tantrum from the Donald Trump of games “writers” is still there. What a joke this site is, no wonder it hardly grows.

    • That explains the whole Build a Wall to keep Steven out plan that i’ve heard so much about then.

      The writers have always injected humour into articles and Tuffcub has always done humour in his articles. Tis his style and things like these deserve to be mocked.

      Or do you want TSA to be devoid of humour, just standard newspieces and very dull to read? If so, you may want to check IGN.

    • Get over it.

      If we just wanted press releases we’d read those.

      We come here because the articles are better and the writers come across as people who honestly enjoy what they’re doing.

      If something can be poked fun of, writers like TC do it. You don’t become this upset when it’s PSN downtime or DOA Volleyball that’s being mocked.

      • Ah Starman. Showing us all that you are no better than any other fanboy. While it was on 360 and Pc it did not utilise Cloud tech on those platforms at least not according to their pr bs.

        Tis petty from a petty person comparing a games writer to a narcissistic, racist political fanatic.

        Here is some truth about the Xb1 though. Being able to play games on Windows and titanfall not being exclusive, the console is becoming less relevant at the forefront of games.

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