EU PS Store Update 30/08/16: Battlefield 1 Beta, Verdun, Hue & God Eater 2

August is going out with a bang. A cache of First World War dynamite is going up in a big explosion as this particular period of warfare is depicted by two distinctly separate games. For most it will be the bombast of the Battlefield 1 beta, but there’s also the release of Verdun, which aims to take a more realistic approach to the battles that raged in the trenches of the Western Front.

Alongside this, there’s God Eater 2 and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, for those wanting something with a distinctly Japanese flavour, as Resident Evil 4 sees a release on PS4. Then there’s the charming colour-based puzzle platforming of Hue, Clair: Extended Cut and the Nuka-World DLC for Fallout 4.


Plenty to be getting on with, if you’re looking for something new to play. Here’s the full list, courtesy of the EU PS Blog.



PS Vita


30th August

Fallout 4

World of Tanks

31st August

Table Top Racing World Tour

  • Tropical Ice Pack

2nd September


  • Battle Map Pack 3
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  1. i still don’t buy that line about them not being allowed to post prices, personally i think it’s bullshit.
    my guess is it’s to make it harder to compare prices across different countries/regions.

    nothing there to particularly interest me.

    i am hoping they’ll announce the September plus games today though.

    • That announcement will come tomorrow, surely? It’s usually the Wednesday before. Except when it’s been announced later.

  2. The BF1 beta looks nice and everything, but they’ve obviously tried to disguise the horrors of war by naming objectives in a somewhat non-traditional way.

    I just can’t take it seriously when it tells me I’ve captured objective apples. Or butter.

    At least they got C right (charlie). After that, I’m not entirely sure what they were. It was amusing me too much. G might have been Geoff (not Arachnis the spider king).

    But apples and butter?? Is that rhyming slang for something?

    • You realise the phonetic alphabet back in the first WW1 was Apple, Butter/Beer, Charlie!

      • I suspected that might be the case. It just sounds weird given how much the more modern version appears in so many games.

        It would appear it’s Apples,Butter,Charlie (so that one’s the same), Duff (what??), Edward, Freddy, George. Luckily it doesn’t need to go as far as Monkey (monkey’s are always amusing) or Xerxes.

        Pudding, Sugar and Queenie might sound a bit silly to modern ears. And the less said about Willie and Nuts the better. They often go together, obviously, but might cause more schoolboy giggling than necessary.

      • Freshens it up a little! ?

  3. I’d of bought Resi 4 again, but £16 with the exact same crappy trophy list as ps3 and no platinum, they can go swivel.

  4. I forgot Verdun was coming to consoles. Will there be a TSA review?

  5. Strike Vector EX is a fun little game. The campaign is basically a tutorial with very random plot happening. But the multiplayer part is fun. Capture the Flag that just happens to be at the end of a long and fairly narrow tunnel? While flying very fast and shooting the other team? Or your own team because “friendly” fire is a thing. A very deadly thing. And then have to fly all the way back with the flag while the opposition is trying to take you down.

    For people who like older style games that look quite nice and can handle moving in 3 dimensions.

    Entertainingly, you get a few seconds after you die to steer the firey wreck of your ship and make it self-destruct.

    Quite a fun little game with a 30% PS+ discount for a couple of weeks.

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