Metal Gear V’s Mission 51 Was, And Never Will Be, Completed

The recent announcement of The Definitive Experience of Metal Gear Solid V has made some question if the mysterious Mission 51 would be included. The mission’s boss battle and some cut scenes were included in the collectors edition of the game but the mission itself was absent, with some fans suggestion it held the “real” ending to the game.

“Mission 51 is not complete, its development was cancelled prior to the initial release of The Phantom Pain,” tweeted Konami. “Mission 51 is additional story content that was cancelled before development finished, but its definitely not the ending.”

“I’m afraid we have no current plans to further develop for Mission 51,” they added. The also point out that the story of certain characters in the game is continued in the other titles in the series, but with MGSV’s timeline occurring before the orginal Metal Gear Solid, so players may have forgotten that.

Source: Metal Gear Informer

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  1. Basically they pulled the funding and the time as hideo wasted resources, tbf its story was needed to wrap up the plot and its not dealt with in any other game.

    At least survive inspires hope another real metal gear will be made, and thankfully kojimas gone now. It was the same issue as lucas with star wars, it needed a new hand at the wheel as kojima was slipping more and more into nonsense and wasting time on ‘filler’.

    Hopefully sense will be seen and David hayter will return

    • Surely if we get a Star Wars situation, that just means someone will come along and make a shinier and completely pointless remake of the first game? And probably make a big pile of money too.

  2. If its done half as well id be happy.

  3. Kojima fell out of love with KONAMI and this demonstrates that.

    MGSV as a package is ok at best and I’m the worlds biggest MGS Fan. I still think it’s the greatest series ever made and a genuine game changer on all four PS platforms. Something magical happened with every outing but this is now turning into a farce.

    I’d love to have seen what would have been if Hideo and KONAMI could remain together. The beginning of the end was the overall shift with Rising. Again I clocked it and tried to love it but it was suppose to bridge the gap, explaining Raidens transition to Cyborg. It’s just sad :-(

  4. It wouldn’t do anything due to the story being a massive letdown, flat out lying about it being the missing link and that ending was infuriating. Kojima either lost all passion for it due to him working on the franchise for half his life or he kept changing the story and what we got was just meh at best.

    Rising may not be the Raiden Game everyone wanted but it was fun, the story was very close to a Metal Gear one and as a spinoff, it worked. Sure, it didn’t cover Raiden’s transformation but it did do it’s own thing and well, a 100% hack and slash cyborg ninja raiden wouldn’t really cover the transformation well. Half Metal gear Solid, half Hack and slash would.

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