Meet The Titans In The New Titanfall 2 Video

Respawn have released a new video introduce the six Titans found in Titanfall 2, and they are Scorch, Ion, Legion, Northstar, Tone and Ronin. You can probably guess what their USPs are by the name, Ronin being the ninja one with a massive sword, but they are all impressive and I especially like the look of Tone’s homing missile attack.


Respawn have also tweeted that Angel City will be the first multiplayer map DLC to be released, and like all multiplayer maps and modes, it will be free.

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  1. Love Titanfall, great game! But the Titanfall 2 beta has left me feeling like the developers have gone backwards for whatever reason.
    Some speculate it is to cater for the Call of Duty fans and lure them into the franchise as me too alternative. Some say it is dumbed down for the PS4 audience (though I don’t know what the big difference is, we’re all gamers right?)

    Titanfall was all about large scale battles with 8 pilots (players) on each side mixing it up with a map full of A.I grunts and Spectres. It always felt like you were part of a bigger objective and the team result was more important than K/D etc. But this beta for Titanfall 2 seems to have stripped all of that, gone way more player vs player CoD style, with just a handful of A.I

    I know it is kind of a joke around here, but I do actually think the game is lacking powerz of teh clowdz! With the A.I logic and deployment on Titanfall being handled on the server – it made the whole thing seem way bigger in scale. Now it seems Titanfall 2 is heading for a smaller skirmish style play due to either no cloud or they just want to head in a new direction and f*ck up the franchise.

    At a guess; no cloud compute has meant a new direction was needed to try and negate a need for so many A.I soldiers taking part. The original sold well and has quite a hardcore following, so there was no real need to change it up so much. I can’t help but feel it is a technical reason for this change in direction but then I could be wrong.

    No i’m not being a fanboy either, CoD looks way better on PS4 as does the Witcher III blah blah, PS4 is more powerful for sure. Technically there is no reason why PS4 couldn’t use cloud compute too. Either it is too expensive or MS got sh*tty and said if Titanfall 2 isn’t exclusive then we are not renting our servers to it.

    This of course is just some speculation and on a beta non the less, but the new direction sucks @ss and XB1, PS4 and PC players would most likely enjoy a game true to the original with a few added features

    • Killzone manages 16 vs 16 and can fill in the spaces with AI, Titanfall should easily be able to do 8 vs 8 without cloud.

      It was a tech test rather than a demo, so maybe the full game will have more modes?

      • I hope it has more modes and more AI. Yes Killzone did, but never felt on the same scale as Titanfall. AI all over the place and constantly dropping in at random locations to cover objectives.
        I’m sort of with you on the cloud hyped to be something way more than it is (ya know – like No Man’s Sky), but I do think it made a difference. What it also did was provide dedicated servers from MS Azure, which is a hell of alot better than EA Servers! Tin cans and wool would be better than EA servers.

      • “(ya know – like No Man’s Sky)”

        Lighting a match mate, lighting a match… :P

    • This pretty much mirrors my own feelings. It’s definitely lacking many things, and feels like a step back from Titanfall. It’s hard to believe it’s down the lack of cloud services, but the only other explanation is that it’s pre-alpha and will be a lot lot better.

      If it stays lacklustre, then no doubt many new players especially on the PS4 will enjoy it for what it is, having not played the first game. Personally it’ll take a lot to persuade me, and the technical performance is only part of it. The couple of maps felt off in design, as did the UI, the sound, and rhythm. The trailer gives me a little hope, but I’m skeptical overall.

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