Sony Announce The PlayStation 4 Pro For £349, Out November 10th [Updated]

After months of speculation and leaks Sony have taken to the stage in New York and officially revealed the PlayStation 4 Pro. The name is to signify it is the part of the current PlayStation family but for the discerning, high end consumer. The PS4 Pro will launch this November and will cost $399, €399, £349.

Sony were very vague on the hardware specifications, but did say that the GPU power has been doubled, the clock rate for the processor has been increased, and there will be a 1TB hard drive. PlayStation VR games will also get a boost, for example Farpoint has a doubled polygon count on PS4 Pro. However, while the console will focus on 4K content, both in terms of games and media, it does not include an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.


From photos and official images, we can say that it features two USB ports on the front and one on the rear, alongside HDMI, optical audio, ethernet and an AUX port for the PS Camera.


“PS4 Pro is not meant to blur the lines between console generations,” said Mark Cerny, who continued to talk for a long time about games running in 4K and HDR, the former of which is due to “specialised rendering techniques optimised to the PS4 Pro hardware.” A number of games will be “forward compatible”, meaning the original PS4 games will be patched to include a Pro mode with enhanced graphics and lighting. FIFA 17, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Mass Effect Andromeda, Black Ops 3, and Battlefield 1 will all support PS4 Pro.


[UPDATE] We now know the official specs for PlayStation 4 Pro, which are as follows:

Product name: PlayStation®4 Pro
Color: Jet Black
Product code: CUH-7000 series

MSRP: JP44,980yen, US$399, EU€399, £349.

Main processor: Single-chip custom processor
CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engin

Memory: GDDR5 8GB
Storage size: 1TB

External dimensions: Approx. 295×55×327mm (w × h × l)
Mass: Approx. 3.3 kg

BD/ DVD drive (read only):
BD × 6 CAV

Input/ Output:
Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen.1) port × 3
AUX port × 1

Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)×1
IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth® 4.0 (LE)

AC 100V, 50/60Hz
Consumption: Max. 310W

Operating temperature: 5ºC – 35ºC

AV output:
HDMI™ out port (supports 4K/HDR)

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  1. PS Pro is a better name than PS4.5 or 4K.

  2. But how many flops is it doing?! Nice name, fits well with it being a high end console like the Scorpio.

    • It boasts an upgraded, x86-64 “Jaguar” AMD CPU with 8 cores, a 4.2 teraflop AMD Radeon GPU, three USB ports, 5GHz WiFi support and a 1TB HDD

  3. So they’ve done a “here’s a new console, now it’s obsolete” announcement, like MS did.

    And they’ve made a big deal of the fact that it can do 4K and HDR, but HDR doesn’t matter because the normal PS4 can do it as well now?

    Not quite getting the point of it now.

    Although it’s the same price the original PS4 was at launch.

    • Yeah, I’m a bit confused by what Sony were aiming for here as well. It’s just going to be trumped massively by Scorpio, while not offering much more than the current PS4 (although it depends what frame rates at 4k it can handle).

      • But Scorpio is an XBox Two, isn’t it? Or is it an XBox One Pro?

        I think they’re both a bit confused as to what they’re doing, really.

        Maybe Sony will announce a PS5 around the time Scorpio appears? Or 6 months after that. Give MS some time to catch up on a few sales, then kill that off with mumblings of a PS5. Depends how MS market Scorpio. A new XBox One later next year could go badly wrong for them.

        Or maybe the PS4 Pro is really aimed at PSVR? Might be worth picking one up next summer once the PSVR sales plummet after christmas.

      • You can think of Scorpio as an Xbox One Pro, just using the next design of GPU and CPU after what Sony is using in the pro; which is why it’s not available for another year because they haven’t built those designs into mass producible chips yet.

    • Is HDR on normal PS4’s just for streaming videos? Whilst the PS4 Pro does HDR for videos AND games?

  4. It looks like a PS4 fat and PS4 Slim made a baby. Cant wait to get one though.

  5. That’s £50 cheaper than I thought. I will check out the game footage when home before deciding whether to invest, oh and the final Spec.

  6. But is there any point if you don’t own a 4k tv in upgrading?

    • what I heard I believe there will be enhancements to games on 1080p TV’s like amounts of fauna and effects things like that and slight detail improvements.

    • Also games for PSVR will be better.

  7. The slim is too price, it’s almost as expensive as a standard one, I thought the slim would have been the low end model, affordable

    • The slim IS the new standard one. Bear in mind that that is the slim’s rrp. I bet the current standard PS4 sells under rrp most places.

  8. Sweet new console for me this November to make use of my 4k TV :)

  9. F’ugly – both of them! Whatever happened to Sony’s sense of style?!

  10. How is the same company that made the beautiful looking PS4 original….? These look so crappy! The OneS on the other hand is a very well designed piece of hardware… Feeling a bit deflated by this announcement from Sony.

    Although having a 2k monitor which I have my PC and PS4 plugged into I do wonder if the PS4 pro might be able to downscale to a 2K res in which case I may get one….

    • I’ve only just this minute said in our meet I like the look of the slim,i also like the look of the pro we can’t all like it though ;)

      • Ha, very true. Suppose I’m spoilt by the fact I love the design of the original PS4 so much.

        Although it might be one of those looks better in the flesh kinda things.

        So perhaps I should being so judgemental….

      • not* sorry long day at work hence the lack of message proofreading!

      • Hey, we’re on the internet, we can be as judgemental as we like. In fact it’s practically mandatory!!

      • ;D

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