Kick Back And Relax With Anywhere VR For PSVR

Another example of Sony trying to branch out from pure gaming with the PlayStation VR is Anywhere VR. Announced at TGS, this transports you to a location of your choosing, with the example shown of a Japanese woman coming home and popping on the headset to go and relax on the beach, in the middle of a park with lots of pretty flowers or viewing the night’s sky.

There’s smartphone integration – hopefully with support beyond Sony’s Xperia line – so that the phone screen pops up for you to view within VR, letting you browse the internet, check your Twitter and play minigames.


It’s an interesting one, but I do have to wonder what it’s like to try and type out a message without being able to see your thumbs, only what they’re hitting on the screen.

We’re waiting on a proper trailer to appear, but for now, here’s the video from within the full TGS press conference. It starts at the 59:30 mark.

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