LEGO Dimensions Knight Rider And LEGO Batman Movie Expansions Release In February

Warner Bros has confirmed that it will be releasing the Knight Rider and the LEGO Batman Movie expansions in February 2017. The Batman Movie pack will include will have six new levels to tackle with Batgirl and Robin also featuring in the set alongside the caped crusader.  The pack will also include pieces so you can build the Bat computer too to use. The Batwing can be taken apart and rebuilt into the Bat Tank and The Black Thunder. An additional Excalibur Batman pack will also be made available and this will feature bionic steed that can be remade into a Bat-raptor and Ultrabat.

Knight Rider fans will be able to bring KITT and Michael Knight into the game too, with KITT able to be transformed into a jet and an armoured semi truck. This set is based on the 80’s version of Knight Rider which starred and not the new series from a while back which got cancelled after one season.

Source: Press Release

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