Co-Creator Of Original Xbox Admits “You Could Land A Helicopter” On The Controller

The controller for the original Xbox was a little large to say the least, and it came under some fierce criticism at the time.  The co-creator Seamus Blackley, who no longer works for Microsoft, responded to a comment on Twitter about the controller.

“It was embarrassingly enormous; politically I had no juice to fix it,” he tweeted. “They ignored focus tests; I understand you can land a helicopter on it.”



Apparently the controller was huge as “The guy in charge of the controller picked a vendor that couldn’t make the electronics small, so they made the design huge to fit around it.”

Microsoft shipped a smaller version on the controller in Japan, and also released a new version here in Europe.

Source: Gamespot

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  1. It didn’t help that the xbox itself was huge and weighed as much as a human corpse.

    If you were trying to take it to your friends house you’d be pulled over by police because your rear suspension was riding suspiciously low.

  2. Nothing wrong with The Duke! Still my favourite controller

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