Gravity Rush 2 Includes A Rather Out-Of-Character Side Mission

Games from Japan featuring bosoms that wobble like they are made of jelly and cleavage that you could ski down are nothing new, in fact we’re rather fond of games which deliberately go out of their way to include as much T&A as they are usually so outrageous they are very amusing.

However, Kat from Gravity Rush has always been a bit of a girl power icon. She’s fairly modestly dressed, her boobs are a sensible size and realistically animated, and within the opening moments of the first game she turns tropes upside down by rescuing a supposedly heroic male character. She also featured in PlayStation All-Stars, where she held her own against many more powerful male characters.


So it’s rather depressing to learn that one of the side missions in Gravity Rush 2 will require Kat to do something very out of character. This is the description from the ESRB.

One side mission requires players to take pictures of beautiful women for an older man (e.g., “If you find a real looker, get her to strike a pose before taking the picture”; “She’s smoking hot, isn’t she?”)

Yup, Kat is required to go and take some slutty pictures of some hot babes. Whilst it is true that DLC for the first game did include a rather dubious Maid outfit for Kat, and that several gallery images depict up-skirt camera angles, this side mission does seem the sort of thing that Kat would refuse to do, rather than help out with.

Gravity Rush 2 is out this December.

Source: ESRB

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