EVE Valkyrie’s Launch Trailer Has Arrived

CCP Games has released a launch trailer for EVE: Valkyrie which will be out on PSVR at launch on October 13th. The game has been on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift since March and it received some pretty middle of the road review scores at the time. Still it is a chance to fly around in Space and take on various craft in single player and multiplayer.


EVE: Valkyrie is priced at £54.99 on the PSN Store.

Source: Youtube

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  1. I see Sony has stuck to it’s ‘over the top’ pricing!

    It’s not just Sony, ShopTo has the download for £50.86 yet for a physical copy is £41.57……Madness!

    • Sony don’t set the pricing (unless it’s their game). EVE is published by CCP, blame them.

      • I better apologise to Sony, sorry Sony. I just think it’s mad that the physical copy is cheaper than the download that doesn’t include box, bogart inserts and the manufacturing of the disc. Oh and shipping/distribution.

  2. BTW the EVE demo on the PSVR disk lasts about 2 minutes. Launch you ship, shoot a bit and it’s done, bot even a full mission. Very annoying.

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