PS4’s Media Player v2.50 Update Brings 360° Video Support

Firing up the PlayStation 4 media player will initiate a new update that brings a couple of new features. If you have a PlayStation VR then you will find 360° video and photo support, simply select ‘VR mode’ from Media Player’s Options menu. Any supported video – MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2 PS , MPEG2 TS, AVCHD – or photo – JPEG, BMP, PNG – files must be captured in equirectangular format by a 360-degree omnidirectional camera.

Those without the fancy new hardware will also get something new as the update also includes support for High-Res (FLAC) audio files and Sony’s DSEE HX technology. That’s a new fangled thingy that will upgrade your MP3s to something nearer FLAC quality
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  1. That DSEE HX thing really is a load of marketing nonsense, isn’t it? Nobody seems to know how it works and Sony’s explanation is some amusing bollocks with graphs that don’t explain anything. So let’s just assume it’s either magic, or it doesn’t really do anything.

    There doesn’t appear to be any way to turn it on or off either, or even any indication that it’s on. Or even exists. Other than Sony saying it does.

    And anyone who wants to prove me wrong by finding the option to turn it off, go for it. I couldn’t find it.

    • I have a sony phone with the DSEE HX thing and it works pretty well.
      Not the best thing ever but if you have decent enough headphones/speakers it is an audible bump in quality.

      • Same here works well on the xperia x I’ve got, and you can turn it off.

  2. My PS4 media player still refuses to detect my Synology DS211j, while my PS3 does so reliably. If anyone has any idea why, please let me know. I haven’t tried this update, but all recent ones couldn’t fix that, and I doubt this will.

    These are the things that make me go mad about new technology, which usually you pay a lot of money for, but it only does halfway what it should do. And don’t try the ‘you ought to buy everything new’ stupid comments on me, as that would just confirm that the PS4 is still not capable what the PS3 can easily do, letting me watch my films (well, at least until this Cinavia rubbish comes into play for some films…).

    • The Cinavia thing only pops up if you’re watching stuff you’re not supposed to. And only on the PS3. (Which I’m guessing is because the media and blu-ray player on the PS3 are both part of the operating system, but on the PS4, the media player is separate, and so doesn’t have to support Cinavia. Which is part of the blu-ray specs for some reason)

      • And what exactly does ‘not supposed to’ mean, if you live in a country where downloading films is legal? I should sue Sony… ;o)

      • Sue the blu-ray licensing people instead. They’re the ones that insist on Cinavia being implemented if you want to use the blu-ray name.

        And what countries are there where downloading films is both (a) legal and (b) something you should be doing?

      • You can download copies of films you already own, right?

      • I think that’s still technically illegal, along with ripping CDs/DVDs you own.

        It nearly wasn’t, but the law to allow it lasted about 9 months before it got overturned in court. Government being a bit of an omnishambles in that case.

        Other countries might not be quite so stupid or incompetent.

      • So, you’re saying Cinavia is not on my PS4? That means it would really be cool to get my PS4 working with my DS. Makes it even worse it doesn’t… :o(

        Yeah, there’s probably a difference between legally being allowed to do something and being morally obligated to do so. The latter is of course not the case, not even down here in central Europe. ;o)

      • Yes, as far as I know, Cinavia is only on the PS3 because the blu-ray player has to have it to satisfy the blu-ray licensing people. And the PS3 uses the same player for blu-ray discs as it does for playing files from USB devices (or the PS3 harddrive).

        I assume it’s there in the PS4 blu-ray player (for the rare case you try playing something you’re not allowed from a disc), but as far as I can tell, it’s not there in the media player. Because it’s a separate thing that doesn’t need to play blu-ray discs. And Sony would have to pay to implement it (on top of paying to have it in the blu-ray player)

        As for your Synology thing… those buggers can be awkward at the best of times. As can trying to connect anything like that to a network. Giving everything a fixed IP address rather than let the router do the work is usually a good plan. Sacrificing a chicken or two can’t hurt either. (Always use good quality plastic sheeting when performing arcane rituals that may stain carpets)

  3. Good to know that media player is getting VR support, hopefully the browser will too.

    • Apparently, you can also plug any other HDMI device .. like an XB1 or Wii U .. into the PSVR headset and it automatically switches to the cinema mode.. no sound though..

    • Now that is a VERY interesting suggestion as we had a bit of a discussion about enabling VR in the web browser here at TSA towers. Simply put, if they did, then the PS4 gets VR porn, as Pornhub now has a VR section.

      Sony could sneak in filth without actually admitting that their console is now for filthmongers. That’s going to sell a few consoles.

      • Would it make any difference in quality to what you can already sneak in through the backdoor of the browser of the PS4? There would hardly be a reason to block it for PSVR, but not for the browser. Except, of course, for bad press they want avoid at all costs as long as they’ve not sold 20 mio. PSVRs. So, it’s not going to happen for a while.

  4. Anyone know how to get the YouTube 360 vids to work in vr. They stay in cinema mode for me.

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