World Of Final Fantasy Demo Will Be Available From October 17th

Square Enix has confirmed that World Of Final Fantasy will receive a demo ahead of its launch, with people being able to try out the game from October 17th. This demo will showcase the protagonists Reynn and Lann in their Lilikin and Jiant forms. Players will run into established Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Squall, and Lightning as well as a number of mirages. Those who complete the demo will unlock the chance to battle Magitek Armor P and capture it in the coliseum with the full game.

Square Enix also released the opening cinematic for the game.


World Of Final Fantasy will release for PS4 and PS Vita on October 25th.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Cool, looking forward to giving this a go more that FF15

    • I agree. Pretty excited about this so a demo is great news, nothing like making a fully informed decision.

  2. A demo might just confirm that it’s the first proper Final Fantasy game since X-2. I enjoyed 13 and it’s first sequel (but let’s forget about the 3rd game in that trilogy), but they weren’t Final Fantasy games. And XV doesn’t look like one either.

    But this looks like a proper game, and so adorably cute. Even cactuars look cute in it.

    And conveniently releases just 9 days before my birthday. Which is handy.

  3. Vita gets a new game!?

    I keep forgetting that this is coming out on vita.

    I’ll probably play it by ear and reviews to determine if it goes on the good list of games to get when I upgrade from the last gen to current gen or the “Er… I may as well. I mean, it’s not bad, it’s not the best either but i suppose it is good for 40-50 hours.” list. What? This is how I pret….. keep up with the current gen.

    I hope this is a far better game then Final Corridor:13. (Same with FF15.) Square, if you feck up the FF7 remake, you will have the wrath of the elders of the internet. And they have infinite MP.

    • The elders of the internet may have infinite MP, but spamming Knights of Round will finish them off quickly. They may also be vulnerable to Zantetsuken and pictures of kittens.

      So when they screw up FF7 Remake, it’ll probably all be forgiven quickly.

      • Ah but the Elders of the Internet hacked the game and gave themselves 9999999999999999999999999999903 HP and maxed out counter thus causing a KOTRfest.

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