(Updated) Rockstar Tease A New Red Dead Game

The official Rockstar Twitter feed has posted an image that has sent the internweb in to a frenzy. It’s a simple image, the Rockstar logo on a plain background, but it can mean only one thing. There is a new Red Dead game in the works.


I would wager that this is the start of a very long teaser campaign, simply because no one announces games around Christmas, so I would expect a full reveal in January.

Source: Twitter



Rockstar has tweeted a new image today, this time with seven silhouettes against a sun. There are theories that the next Red Dead could be a prequel set in the years when John Marston was with his gang, or this is to signify the story going in a Magnificent Seven direction. The other option is that the image is related to the multiplayer.


Update 2:
2K have registered the domain name Red Dead Online. With the online component of GTA being so popualr it is unsurprising that Read Dead would follow suit.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Confirmed! It will be 7 years before they release a trailer of their teaser of an announcement of a teaser trailer!

  2. I didn’t love it, the constant crickets and music ambience made me feel sleepy every time i played it and endelssly spawning enemies took the shine off some of it – but any game where you can grab a nun and tie her to the railway tracks as the train approaches gets my seal of approval.

  3. OMG lion king the game made by rocksstar

    • Aaaaaaaaarsene Wengeeer, Alicia Silverston, ooh ooh when you’re gay.

      I believe that’s how it went.

  4. Some games do get revealed around this time of year. UC4 was November. With how cosy R* is with PS I wouldn’t rule out a proper reveal in December at PSX.

  5. Hang on, I just remembered something….

    Where the hell is Agent? Literally just recalled that being announced almost a decade ago! Rockstar, it would be nice to confirm the status of it.

  6. How insane would it be if it was PSVR compatible,riding on horseback and quickdraw gunfights.It will bring a total different dimension to the game.

  7. Well they didn’t drag things out too long then. Red Dead Redemption 2 (could have gone for a different name at least) coming “Fall” 2017. And a trailer on Thursday.

    Can I give them my money now, please?

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