(Updated) Rockstar Tease A New Red Dead Game

The official Rockstar Twitter feed has posted an image that has sent the internweb in to a frenzy. It’s a simple image, the Rockstar logo on a plain background, but it can mean only one thing. There is a new Red Dead game in the works.


I would wager that this is the start of a very long teaser campaign, simply because no one announces games around Christmas, so I would expect a full reveal in January.

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Rockstar has tweeted a new image today, this time with seven silhouettes against a sun. There are theories that the next Red Dead could be a prequel set in the years when John Marston was with his gang, or this is to signify the story going in a Magnificent Seven direction. The other option is that the image is related to the multiplayer.


Update 2:
2K have registered the domain name Red Dead Online. With the online component of GTA being so popualr it is unsurprising that Read Dead would follow suit.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Hopefully new story, new settings, here hoping for a westworld like plot lol

    • 1970s film Westworld (little bit rubbish) or new TV Westworld (expensive looking, full of mysteries that may take 5 years to solve, and strangely full of milk)?

      • The new westworld 2016, more opening for sequels just to mind bend the player & enjoy the theories people come up with

  2. All aboard the hype train! I’ve been wanting a new Red Dead for years!

  3. I played my first bit of RDR on Friday, I’m so ashamed to be so late to the party, no idea why I didn’t play it on release! Great news, anything Rockstar is brilliant.

    • You really should be ashamed of yourself. The best game of the last generation (nobody argue!) and you missed it?

      You’re in for a treat though.

      • Best game, is a personal statement surely lol

      • A great game, but it’s not better than Uncharted 2, Skyrim, Portal 2 or The Last of Us. And Modern Warfare was the game which defined the generation.

        Red Dead did feel like a breath of fresh air into a tired GTA style genre though, rather like Mirror’s Edge in the first person genre.

      • No, it was better than all of those games. Uncharted and TLoU looked nice, but had slightly wonky gameplay. Skyrim was good, but surprisingly forgettable all these years later (you ran around a big world, shouting at stuff, and, erm, what was the plot again?). And Portal 2 was the best and funniest of your suggestions.

        But still not as good as RDR. Looked good (at the time), sounded great, and had a surprisingly good story. Possibly the only game ever where I sat there at the end and thought “What have I become??” after making me think an act of pure revenge was completely justifiable.

        If there really is a sequel coming, and it’s as good, everyone might as well give up on this generation. It’ll be won already.

    • I’d give my left testical to play that game again for the first time! I hope you’ve managed to avoid spoilers after all these years?

      • Yeah I think I have done, I know nothing other than it’s a western made by Rockstar and that everyone loves it! Ill not read anything else then, I’ll trust all you lot and your passionate bickering and pick up the game to squeeze in when I can! I have to say for a last gen game I was still wowed by the opening!
        Oh and Burnout Paradise was the best game of last gen, I’m afraid that’s an actual historic fact ;)

      • Now, while Burnout Paradise is an excellent choice for something like “Best games of the last gen”, it’s not RDR. Certainly up there near the top of the list though.

        Come back to us once you’ve played through RDR. See if your opinion agrees with the scientifically proven facts then.

      • Haha, alright that’s a deal! Can’t argue with science.

      • You’re in for a treat then! My only advice would be to take your time with the story, half of the beauty of the game comes from exploring the landscape. I know of some people that have rushed it (from mission to mission) and end up not thinking that highly of it.

      • Will do then :)

  4. I wonder if we can expect six years of screenshots now like they did for gta 5.

  5. I did explode with enthusiasm when I saw Rockstar changed their Facebook images earlier but then I remembered Rockstar really like draw out their reveals. Do we really won’t see anything for ages :(

  6. Hmm, to be smug about the fact that I can literally boot it up any time I please just to torment others or not to? Oh, the perks of having a PS3 and collection.

    It may just be a remaster though Rockstar doesn’t strike me as the type to do it. Granted, GTAV got ported over but I think that may have been because they either tested a version on the next gen(at the time) and found that it worked thus waited until it was worth doing or just wanted to get the engine ready for future GTA titles and opted for a PS4/X1 port.

    But if it is a sequel, for the love of tesco(yes, I am referencing that. Deal with it. *gasps* A reference inside a reference? That’s like double the cheesiness!), don’t focus on the online aspect at the cost of single player.

    Yes, I am a bit annoyed about GTAV casting SP to the side and not even bothering to release add-ons that just added cosmetic stuff to the SP.

    • But RDR is one of the few examples of a game where the single and multiplayer parts are just as much fun.

      Not a case of having multiplayer just because. GTA4 had it (and it was a bit rubbish) and then GTA5 had it (and still as rubbish but making vast amounts of money). How many games really didn’t need multiplayer?

      RDR had great multiplayer fun to go with the excellent single player game. And some fun bugs involving dynamite (it’s almost as if the physics for explosions only went on for a certain length of time, and then things just stopped sometimes – even if that meant a cart ended up floating 50 feet in the air). And people would wander about having fun with anyone they found. And sometimes acted like a massive cockwomble. Ok, I did sometimes. Exploding random strangers because they were on a donkey is fun. People did it to me enough times. But rarely more than a couple of times.

      It also had proper single player DLC _and_ some great multiplayer DLC too.

      So a sequel will probably neglect the single player side and make stupid money from the online part. Or we’ll just get a remaster (which I’d be reasonably happy with). Or a remaster with only the single player parts (in which case, no thankyou).

      • I know. I loved it back when I could MP and so much random fun occured. I remember being a bit evil by ruining a fellow TSAer’s chance of getting a trophy by either shoving them off a cliff or shooting them in the back. What? I got bored and it was fun to do so.

        However, Rockstar seems to be all about GTA:Online and I can see RDR:R:R:R(Probably not that many Rs but you never know) getting the same treatment as GTAV. Intial support at first for the SP then Online only or worse, they develop the online part and tack on the SP. :-/

        Or they somehow got hold of Kojima and RDR goes from the best wild west game(granted, it is the only one i’ve played) to “Er…. what the feck? Seriously what? What is this!? I….waaa!? That was… OH come one! End! I really need to take a dump! Another 9 hour cutscene and no pause!? I just…..” I may have gotten a bit carried away but i’ve made my point. Love MGS but Kojima loves his cutscenes and well, a Kojima RDR would be awesome and strange and confusing. It could make MGS seem like a pop up book.

        But back to RDR. MP was great for it’s time in an era where it was everywhere and i suspect it is the framework that they used for GTAV. Or they used the reception of it to improve GTA’s MP. 4 was decent but bit naff if you weren’t messing around or exploiting the swing of death glitch. I remember one time, me and a few regulars messed around with it. Ah, fun times.

  7. Woot! Get on board the hype train!

    However it has reminded me that I never did get round to playing undead nightmare – might be time to get the PS3 out and rectify that.

    • Yes, play Undead Nightmare. It’s got a unicorn that farts rainbows. Do not kill the unicorn. That would be sad.

  8. At last! Something that’s not GTA Online!!!

  9. how disappointed would everybody be if this is just a new dlc for GTA online?

    • Basically, React Bros levels of backlash.

  10. God I hope it doesn’t have zombies.

    • Everything must have zombies this gen. It’s part of the agreement for releeasing games on PS4 and XB1

      • I actually believe that may be true. ?

      • I think it is because zombie AI is very easy to program whereas something with intelligence is harder to make look good.

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