It’s Friday, Friday. PSN Is Down This Friday

If you didn’t quite get the gist of the headline then you should know that PSN is currently experiencing problems with signing in and online play. The PS4, PS3, and Vita are all affected according to the official status site. The web store is also taking a long while to load, which is a little annoying since I was going to browse the VR section and pick up some titles. Of course many others will be annoyed as today is the launch of Battlefield 1, so no doubt millions want to jump online with that.

Update: As pointed out in the comments below, it’s not just Sony and PSN that is suffering today, but large swathes of the internet. A DDOS attack on DynDNS is causing them to struggle to reroute traffic across large parts of America and, to a lesser extent, in Europe and the rest of the world, meaning there are connection difficulties for everything from Twitter and Reddit to the Just Eat app.


Anyway, here’s the song that was the inspiration for the headline.

Source: PSN Official Page

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  1. I was having problems earlier but with a bit of persistence I managed to get online.

  2. The EA servers being down for hours on the launch day of BF1 was bad enough, but this takes the biscuit. What a joke! :(

  3. Been online all day…having no issues tbh.

  4. Not just PSN. Half the internet, due to some DDOS shenanigans. Just about to watch Black Mirror on Netflix, and that’s not working.

    • Any luck in the end? Got the email about it earlier, very exciting! Hopefully it’s just as gripping as when Channel 4 had it.

      • No, it didn’t work at all last night. Got the buffering up to 25% thing.

        Maybe tonight.

  5. BBC says Twitter, Reddit and other prominent sites have been hit. Doesn’t mention Sony though…

  6. If Donald Trump was president, those resposible would have been terminated by now. #Makeithappen :P

  7. Cant people just stop being annoying. Realistically what ***** get anything out of this

  8. This may sound crazy but I think the elders of the Internet have been suplexed repeatly by Brock Lesnar thus the entire net playing up.

    Or they took the day off and forgot to put it on autopilot.

    Also, I was happy not remembering that song. If I start mentally playing it, I am suing TSA for all it’s biscuits, jaffa cakes, teabags and cookies!

    • no you don’t, i’ve got dibs on the jaffa cakes.

      • I’ve been having jaffa cakes longer then thou and shall unleash the vengance of a million jaffas upon sixth of axis!

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