Red Faction Rated For PlayStation 4

The other day THQ Nordic sent through a press release announcing that Red Faction had been removed from the list of media harmful to young persons in Germany, also known as “The Index”.

It was a slightly odd press release but there again THQ Nordic are getting well known for their odd press releases which usually involve a fair bit of swearing. Still, it’s a little weird they are talking about a thirteen year old game unless…




Source: PEGI via NeoGAF

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Not a PS2 remaster. I want a proper remaster. This game had me & my sister chasing each other in the hallways, best PvP ever, when local co op was the one.

  2. THQ Nordic love a re-master. I see it as a clever way to generate some revenue and hype around the franchise before a new game in the series arrives.

  3. Would love to revisit Red Faction. Was blown away by that game on PS2.

  4. I loved the original FPS games and would be happy to play them again with a nice crisp upgrade to the visuals.

  5. It is most likely a re-release on the store for PS4. It would be excellent if it’s a fully fledged remaster with even more destruction and a few modern stuff thrown in. Aiming down the sights being the main modern thing. Loved it back in the day and it did not hold your hand. It gave no fecks about what you want. You get yourself into a mess, it’ll expect you to sort yourself out. RF2 was decent but rather linear looking back and reduced the destruction. I do hope this may mean that we’ll get a proper sequel(Lalalalacanthearyourfadidnthappenlalalalalala) to RF Gurillia.

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