The Titanfall 2 Day One Patch Is A Ridiculous Size

You know the deal, before you can play your brand spanking new AAA game on the day of release you have to download and install a patch the size of Guatemala. Titanfall 2 went gold at the end of September so no doubt the day one patch includes most of the single player campaign, patches to get the frame rate up, and preparations for the first DLC.

That’s what usually happens, right? So how big is the Titanfall 2 day one patch?



It’s also been revealed that the PS4 Pro support for the game is all on disc, so you won’t need to download that either.

Other Publishers take note: THIS IS HOW YOU RELEASE A GAME.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Genuinely got pulled in by that guff. 88mb though, that’s more like it.

    Shame it won’t be trialed on EA Access. BF1 beta was meh, but trialing the full game got me to taste how the good the finished product was. TF2 beta was pretty awful, so I’ll be waiting it out, maybe watching some game play.

  2. Yup, totally misread this and was blown away originally. Was racking my brain trying to work out if I even had that much space. Think I can cope with that though.

    Moot point really since I have got no real intention to get it. Just my 2 pence worth.

  3. I accidentally read it as 88GB and thought FFS. Glad it’s only 88MB. I’m currently finishing off games so I have enough space for COD this year. 130gb is too much.

  4. That’s four and a half hours to download though on a 56k modem!


    • The pain of trying to download the THPS2 demo on 56k still haunts me…

  5. Those bastards! They had the nerve, the sheer nerve to release a patch of this size!? Do they think it’s pre-2010? Feck the world! *burns TSA to the ground* Burn them all! Burn all the publishers! Viva la revolution of patches! AAAAARGH!

    Bastard coated bastards with a bastard core they are! Who releases a patch of taht size!? Do they expect gamers to wait seconds to download it?! #feckTitanfall2!

  6. Means two things: a) they’re lazy as hell and didn’t do any work all October, and b) they are launching the game way too late and will have to explain this to their publishers, shareholders, etc. ;o)

    Not that I’d be much interested in the game, though.

    • Or 1) They work efficiently and achieved all their goals and have released a quality product on time.

      yeah, that.

      • But that is impossible. Everyone knows you must release a giant day one patch and half arse the game then fix it after launch nowadays! It’s the cool thing to with these youn’uns.

      • Of course I was joking. After reading Amy Hennig’s recent account of working in the games industry, it is more likely they were indeed working like mad and delivering in time.

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