[Update: It’s Back!] Yes, The PSN Is Down

Update: It’s OK, you can stop panicking now. Step away from the ledge, stop flinging poop at passers by; the PlayStation Network is back up and running.


Sony’s network maintenance seems to have gone a bit wonky as the PSN is currently down and your PS4 will give you the CE-33987-0 message, which means “Nope, not today” in network speak. It’s the second time the network has been down in a matter of days.


You can keep an eye on the PSN by tickling this link, we will let you know when things are back up although frankly we are a little jealous that you are at home playing games while we are working. Humph.

Source: PlayStation

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  1. School holidays ftw, gaming time with my son! Yay, oh hold on, what’s this? Cannot connect to server?
    Well that’s Overwatch and Ultimate Team out of the window then, we might have to actually go outside!

  2. This is why Ingress was invented

  3. I think xbox might be down too, couldnt sign in on my console just now. Also couldnt sign into netflix on the ipad for the kids. Is this another attack like the other day?

  4. This is also a good site for PSN outages


    • That’s a very handy thing for when you get the inevitable arguments of…

      “Sony are shit!” (no, it’s not just them, there’s obviously some large DDOS attack going on since about 8am today, and here’s the graphs to prove it…)

      or even…

      “Doesn’t happen with XBox Live!” (yes, XBL seems to not be under attack, but look at that graph! It’s up and down all over the place all the time)

      It might well be the same thing that happened on Friday, but aimed much wider. Friday was down to one company being attacked and the fact that the whole DNS system has a few fairly disastrous weak points.

      If it’s a wider attack by the same botnet, it might well cause problems for even longer. Attack one weak point causing widespread problems, it’s going to get dealt with quickly. Attack lots of systems with fewer users? Might take a while.

      • To be fair, that site doesn’t actually track outages, it tracks people complaining about outages on Twitter.

      • I think it’s one of those few cases where such an obviously self-selecting group actually leads to a valid conclusion though. It might show a big problem and you might find it’s working fine, but if there’s an obvious spike in the graph, it’s fairly clear that something is going on. And the bigger the spike, the more likely it is to affect you.

        It’s not like jumping to a stupid conclusion that “90% of the British public favour the death penalty for foreigners. All of them. They’re all guilty of something” because of a poll on the Daily Mail website.

  5. At least we can still download stuff, my PS4 will be working hard today re-downloading all 12GB of the GTA V updates after I suffered the 90% loading bug for the third time!

  6. Yeah at home playing games while you are at work getting paid… for playing games.

    • Actually no, none of the TSA staff get paid. Also this isn’t our job, we all have actual day jobs.

      • That fact is quite amazing given how important TSA is…it is my first I site I go to for Playstation related news…

  7. i see a TSA competition there…
    can you guess the staff’s day jobs?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if at least one staff member is a postman – every time they review a game, some poor soul hasn’t received his delivery from Shopto.

      • Oh well that’s nice. Thanks! :)

  8. PSN is working fine for me

  9. HA! As one of the scumbags that is unemployed(According to the daily rags, I am a scumbag for daring to survive on the welfare system) I get to play games whilst the rest of you feckers work!


    I’ll be in my hidey hole, staring at a mirror and silently crying.

    Oh and PSN is down? I am so surprised.

  10. Surprise, new PSN Store!

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