Titanfall 2 Tweaked Over The Weekend

Sorry about this, I know it’s turning in to a bit of a Titanfallfest on TSA at the moment and I promise we’re not turning in to VG247 it’s just that there’s lots of consecutive Titanfall 2 news.

Anyways, the game was tweaked on the server side over the weekend so no updates are required to the game on your hard drive and they are as follows:

  • Modified Attrition score limit from 300 to 500.
  • Player counts for individual game modes are now visible upon matchmaking into specific modes.
  • Titans and Pilots with active Titans will now earn XP from killing other Titans.
  • Titans now receive 1 XP per round in LTS to keep parity with other modes.

Source: Titanfall Forums



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  1. Apparently they’re also hard at work introducing a stats page in the game. All stats are currently being collected but there’s no way of viewing them which I find odd.

    • I was wondering where they are.

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