Agony Gets A Hellish Gameplay Video As It Heads To Kickstarter

The cheeky scamps at MadMind have been feeding information about Agony for quite a while but have only just launched a Kickstarter which is a little annoying as we don’t usually cover Kickstarter games until they are funded. However, it’s a modest sum and well on their way to being funded and there’s a stretch goal that is of interest.

That stretch goal is VR support, including PSVR, and as the game looks deeply disturbing already I cannot imagine what it wil be like in virtual reality. Extra pants on standbye!

If you fancy back the project, around £20 will get you the PC version whilst the PS4 and Xbox One versions cost around £29.

Source: Kickstarter

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Oh man, it does look brilliant and right up my alley – and visually like a great fit for VR, but I would be concerned about motion sickness. It looks like it would play quite similar to Here They Lie, which upset my gut quite a bit.
    But if VR is optional, I guess I’m onboard!

  2. …aaaand I am backer number 250. Thanks for the article!

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