Double Discounts For PS+ Subscribers Head To The PlayStation Store This Week

Like a bank holiday weekend at DFS, it’s time for double discounts on the EU PlayStation Store. If you have PlayStation Plus, the savings here are twice the size – or more pessimistically, they’ve been halved for non-subscribers. Everything from Ratchet & Clank to Battlefield: Hardline, Street Fighter V and the newly released XCOM 2 is going under the hammer. There’s up to 70% off, but as ever, it’s only once you actually head to the PS Store and log in that you’ll see how big each discount is…

Before I give you the full list of games in the sale from the EU PS Blog, there’s also Deus Ex: Mankind Divided as this week’s Deal of the Week, coming down to £32.99.


UPDATE: It appears a lot of these games are not showing up as discounted. XCOM 2 was also listed earlier and has since been removed.

PS Plus Double Discounts* (until 09/11/16)


Save up to 60% on PS3 and Vita games


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  1. Signed in, looked up xcom 2,still coming up as full price .
    Hardly a sale!

    • Xcom 2 appears to have been removed from the list on the blog.

      • Shoddy if they’ve made a mistake or changed their mind. Sounded too good to be true.

  2. Probably be updated this afternoon as I don’t think sale has went live yet. Got my eye on xcom 2 myself!

    • Most of the discounts are live already. I think it’s probably just 1 or 2 that might not be, so they’ll probably be discounted sometime next week or something rubbish.

      There’s 230 discounts gone live already (according to the always-useful Who wants to count how many are in that list and see how close they got with the update?

      But I must resist all temptations. Recent sales have been bad for my backlog, along with other things. Not helped by a love of massive long RPGs and the odd musou game that might involves dozens of hours of slaughter.

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