Play The Original Diablo Once More… In Diablo 3

It’s a year of landmark anniversaries for Blizzard, and Diablo is turning 20 next month. To celebrate, Blizzard are letting you play the original game in the series within Diablo 3. You’ll be able to head back to the Cathedral within the upcoming content update to Reaper of Souls, featuring 16 levels and the four main bosses from the original game.

It all starts next week when it’s added to the game’s Public Test Realm, but there’s no word just yet on if and when it will appear on console. One thing we do know is that it won’t look or sound quite like the rest of the game, instead being rendered in what Blizzard are calling “Glorious Retrovision”.


That’s now all, as the Necromancer class is returning to the game, having last been seen in Diablo 2. Coming in 2017, the Rise of the Necromancer pack lets you dabble in the dark arts…

More on both of these additions can be seen at midnight UK time, or 5PM PST in the US. You’re thinking, “but they’re in California. That’s an eight hour time difference, doofus!” and you’d be right, they are, but the thing is that they’re still on daylight savings time in the US.

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