Enter The Realm Of The Wood Elves In The Next Total War: Warhammer DLC

Creative Assembly continue to add new factions and grand campaigns to Total War: Warhammer, as they venture into the Realm of the Wood Elves on December 8th.


They’re not the most obvious of the various Elven races to join the game first – surely you’d expect to see the snootier High Elves first? – but their bond with nature makes them a more interesting addition.

Their mini-campaign is called The Season of Revelation, and they come with two new Legendary Lords, Orion and Durthu, to lead them as they venture forth from the enchanted forests of Athel Loren. On the campaign map, they can capture settlements as well as set up expansionary outposts, but you’ll have to be careful with them in battle, as they have powerful ranged units, but can be quite fragile if dragged into a protracted battle. Striking hard and fast is always the Elven way in Warhammer.

It’s available for pre-order now, with a slight discount of 10% from £13.99 to £12.59 if you do so.

Source: press release, Steam

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