The Flame In The Flood Complete Edition To Release On PS4 In January

Curve Digital has announced it is partnering with The Molasses Flood to release roguelike survival game The Flame In The Flood on PS4 in January. This version of the game will be a Complete Edition and it will feature a director’s commentary, gameplay enhancements, a dynamic theme, and a couple of avatars. The game is set in an America where society has collapsed. A young girl and her dog must travel downriver on a makeshift raft gathering supplies to survive, while avoiding dangerous wildlife.


The Flame In The Flood released earlier this year on Steam and has received a number of positive reviews. It started life as a Kickstarter project and raised over the intial target amount of $150,o00 with backers giving a total of $251,647.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Really enjoyed this game. Hannypoppie too (my other half). The style, the mood, etc. Also a nice change from the usual fare.

    • Looks very interesting and fun though I’ve heard it’s quite punishing. Can you confirm that?

      • Ah, I’m very much a “normal” gamer when it comes to difficulty but there was quite a bit of furious reloading when things went wrong. However, it wasn’t disheartening or frustrating. More of a “shit, wolves!” then me running like a loony and sadly not making it. Obviously the reloads lessened as I got to grips with the game and learnt how to fend off the buggers, etc. Was lovely fun.

        Assuming the PS4 version allows for reloads, etc., I’m sure you’ll be fine. :-)

      • All right then, cheers.

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