The Third Of The Twelve Deals Of Christmas Is For Dishonored 2

It is deal three in Sony’s annual festive sale and it is the turn of the really quite recent Dishonored 2 to have some pennies sliced off the price. A digital copy of the game will cost you £29.99, which is the same prize as a physical copy on Amazon.

Released a mere three weeks ago Aran gave the game 8/10 and said “The gameplay builds on what was offered in the first game, with more options of how to approach situations and Emily’s powers adding further variety if you choose to play as her.”

Source: PlayStation Store

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  1. Oh piss that’s 3 games on the run I’m not interested in. Here’s hoping for number 4.

  2. Not for me, another 48h not buying a new game.

  3. I predict Deus Ex next, for £24.99.
    Watch this space.

    • I am hoping it will be one of the 12 but I guess is going to be £19.99, just to match Amazon.

  4. I’ve seen Doom for £14 in tesco which I’m quite tempted by. Anyone reckon that it’ll show up on this list, as I’d prefer it digitally really.
    I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to change discs, sue me haha.

    • It is not in the allegedly “leaked list” that I have seen in a few forums but I am not trusting the list just yet.

      • Was the leaked list shown prior to the first game’s appearance on 12 deals of Christmas?
        Does the leaked list contain the 3 games that have appeared on the 12 deals already?
        Is xcom 2 on the leaked list?

    • I love Doom.
      Even the multiplayer.
      Well worth 14 of your earth pounds.

  5. What was 2?

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