Hitman Will Have A Bloody Jolly Time In Paris This Christmas

Cancer is next on Agent 47’s hit list, as Io-Interactive have announced that Hitman’s Christmas update is being released in aid of the World Cancer Research Fund. Being pushed out as game update next week on 13th December, it’s a free update for anyone who’s bought the game, whether it’s the full season or just the intro pack that includes the Paris level.

While it’s free, it’s all being done with charity in mind, and you can donate to the WCRF here.


The Paris level has been decked out with Christmas trees, presents and festive cheer, but Agent 47’s got no time for smooching under the mistletoe. Instead, he’s got to track down two Scrooge-like thieves who are stealing gifts. Oh, and keep an eye out for a jolly fat man in a red suit.

Source: press release

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  1. This trailer is so amazingly creepy, it made me laugh the whole way through!

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