Sundered Receives A New Trailer

Thunder Lotus Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming procedurally generated metroidvania Sundered, which is releasing on PC and PS4. While the game will have a set path each of the areas will shuffle every time you die, and since Sundered has been designed to be quite you’ll be meeting new challenges constantly. The monsters will also spawn randomly, so you’ll never know what will be around the corner.

When your character dies they’ll be transported to a hub where you can use the skill tree to make the character better, and try to make a bit more progress. There are also abilities to learn that make the main character better at what they do. However there is a twist to them to. When you defeat a boss they drop Elder Shards which can be used on abilities, but this corrupts the ability. It makes you more powerful but takes away a part of the character’s humanity, which can change the story.

A release date is yet to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog

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