Valkyria Revolution To Launch In Q2 2017 In West, Now Coming To Xbox One

SEGA has announced that Valkyria: Azure Revolution has had its name changed to just Valkyria Revolution, and that it will be released in the Americas and Europe in Q2 2017. The game was announced last year for Japan and at the time it was unclear whether it would be available worldwide. SEGA has confirmed that Valkyria Revolution will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and Vita with the two home consoles getting a physical and digital released, while the game will only be available digitally on the Vita.

The reasons given for the name change is so that it fits more with the naming convention that Valkyria Chronicles set, and to show that Valkyria Revolution is a title that has very little in common gameplay wise, story wise, and location wise with Chronicles. Deep Silver will be handling the publishing duties.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Very little in common gameplay wise sounds like a terrible thing!

    • Dont worry…this is SEGA and they know Valkyria is a beloved franchise. There is absolutely no way they will fu…..(looks at previous games not including bayonetta 1 and vanquish)….ok…scratch that….they gonna fcuk this up. SMH

      • No way at all. No way at all. No Sonicing way at all. Sonic deserves a game after he retired after the 90s.



        *Sticks fingers in ears and burys head undersand*

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